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Fernando Simón’s warning about monkeypox

The epidemiologist and director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simonhas stated that “It is not known” if more cases of monkeypox will appearalthough he has warned that “it would not be anything disposable”.

The expert has stated that “Right now we have a surveillance system that is trying to be very sensitive to detect as many cases as possible.; We do not know if more cases are going to appear, it would not be ruled out at all” before giving a conference on COVID-19 at the Ourense College of Physicians.

However, Fernando Simón has highlighted that “We need to know the existing information a little better, assess it better to be able to give an exact answer. Right now what is needed is calm and a little margin for the investigative technicians to do their job perfectly.”

Reduce close contact with pets

Refering to transmissibility of monkeypox by certain animalsthe epidemiologist has highlighted that “We must be prudent and reduce close contact with our pets; but i also think you don’t have to get things out of whack”.

According to Simón, “all this debate is probably generated by the position of a sentence in a very specific document, perhaps higher than it should be. And I think that we have to be aware that this risk is possible, but there is no great evidence”.

At the moment, “it would not be necessary to vaccinate”

The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies has stressed that “right now, With the information we have and the initial position of the experts in Spain, it would not be necessary to vaccinate”although he has admitted that “it is an option”.

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Despite these statements, Fernando Simón has warned that This statement “may change in a few days depending on the information that arrives”so “we must be cautious when making this type of proposal.”

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