monitoring of perpetrators before their conviction experienced in Nîmes

4:23 p.m., November 22, 2020

One year after the end of the Grenelle against domestic violence, Justice continues to fight against recidivism by taking charge of the perpetrators at a stage where they have not yet been tried. After the signing of an agreement on Thursday, an experiment will be launched from December 1, 2020, and until December 31, 2021, with a possible generalization to all of France at the end. The idea, explains Isabelle Rome, senior official for Gender Equality Place Vendôme, is to take care of people accused of spousal violence as soon as they go before the judge of freedoms and detention (JLD) , the investigating judge or in immediate appearance if their case is referred.

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“The law of July 30, 2020 allows for judicial control with probationary placement”, details the magistrate. Clearly, the perpetrators will be placed under house arrest in one of the 30 apartments provided for this purpose, scattered throughout Nîmes, and they will benefit from socio-judicial monitoring. “We can even add an anti-reconciliation bracelet”, a device that Nîmes has just received, suggests Isabelle Rome.

The authors will have interviews with psychologists

This new, unprecedented tool is funded by the Ministry of Justice to the tune of 400,000 euros. The experiment will concern men (more rarely women) who would otherwise have been placed in pre-trial detention. “We believe a lot for these profiles in a global care: addictology, care, accommodation, integration”, details Jules Boyadjian, of the SOS group, the association chosen for socio-legal care. The authors will have interviews with psychologists, to work on their violence, face to face or in support groups. A specialized educator will also follow them.

“This is a first, rejoices Eric Maurel, prosecutor of Nîmes, in our department where domestic violence is very high. We handle between 750 and 780 cases of domestic violence per year, 2/3 of which are very serious.” Regularly, violent spouses get away “with prison sentences, continues the magistrate. However, the occupancy rate of our prison in Nîmes is more than 200%. The law of programming of justice asks us to ‘adjust the sentences! ” This judicial control with reinforced follow-up can continue after the sentence has been pronounced, so that there is no break in the follow-up.

At the same time, another experiment will be launched in Colmar (Haut-Rhin), by the Ministry of Justice and the Espoir association, with the same objective: to follow the perpetrators of domestic violence as soon as possible, in order to protect the victim.

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