Monika Marešová scares: old neck, drooping eyebrows and skin after dad

The presenter’s lovely wife Leoš Mareš (45) has been in her forties for a year, so she notices more and more changes in her body. Pregnancy has also given him a boost, and although he takes care of himself very carefully and is a source of inspiration for many of his peers, sometimes his own strength is simply not enough to achieve the desired look. . It seemed a logical step to undergo some aesthetic changes …

“I’m going for the botox, not now, but can’t wait to go back. I go for botox, I first did it when I was 35. Then I did the so-called fox eyes, that is, arching my eyebrows, because my eyebrows fall out. I had hyaluronic acid put in my mouth about twice, but it wears off very quickly. “ began to list Monika Marešovaas written by

Birthday greetings from Leoš Mareš to his wife:

“I also did mesotherapy because my neck and décolleté are a bit old. I have my father’s skin, a piece of paper, but he doesn’t like to feel it.” the proud mother of four-year-old daughter Alex openly admitted in an interview with Showtime.