Monika Bagárová hid her problems with Muradov for months:…

Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov

Source: Profimedia

Although they seemed like an ideal couple, the relationship between Monika Bagárová and Makhmuda fell apart after three years. The singer announced the break-up the day after Christmas, but now it turns out that she has probably planned to leave the wrestler for many months.

Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov got together three years ago. The singer contacted the then muscular Uzbek on a social network and it didn’t take long for the innocent writing to turn into a love affair.

The juror Superstar became pregnant with Muradov a year later, but after the birth of her daughter, the wrestler showed less and less with her family.

Even when the sparrows on the roof were whispering about the separation of this seemingly perfect two, Bagárová decided to admit the color. “Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, even though you fought until the last minute. I think it’s fair to tell you that we’re no longer a family,” the star wrote on Instagram.

Purchase of land in Brno

Monika Bagárová started making back gates some time ago. The singer has lived with Muradov in Prague for the last few years, but now she seems to want to get closer to her family again.

According to the Real Estate Cadastre, last September Bagárová signed a purchase agreement for a plot of land near Brno for 5.5 million crowns.

Although so far it is only fertile land, there should be no problem with the transfer to building land in this locality. However, it is not yet known what Monika’s exact plans for the newly acquired property have.

Return after break

Disgusted Monika Bagárová took a break from social networks for a while after announcing the breakup. However, the Superstar star did not last long and after a week she called the fans. The singer recorded new videos in stories with her daughter Rumia, to whom she clung even more after a failed relationship.

The family happiness of Muradov and Bagárová did not last long


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