Monika Bagárová after breaking up with Mach: She seems satisfied and

For many months, singer Monika Bagárová tried to dispel speculation that her relationship with MMA wrestler Makhmud Muradov was falling apart. The day after Christmas, she finally admitted that she did not form a couple with her daughter Ruminka’s father. It was clear from her words that she was devastated by the breakup. But today it seems that she manages to bless the sadness well.

For several months, it was rumored that the love between Monika Bagárová and her partner Makhmud Muradov had faded. However, the singer talked for a long time about the fact that her Mach, as she nicknamed him, simply spends a lot of time abroad due to work duties, so she cannot be in the Czech Republic with her family. However, she fundamentally rejected any problems in the relationship. On Christmas Day, she admitted on Instagram that she and Mach had broken up.

“Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to. Even though you fought until the last minute. I think it’s fair to tell you that we are no longer a family, “Monika Bagárová wrote to her fans, adding that they broke up with their daughter Ruminka’s father for many reasons. At the end of her confession, she added that she would be lost from social networks for a while so that she could get together. And now it seems, Bagar is out of the worst!

We’re fine

It can be seen that Monika Bagárová is an adult and sensible woman. While it is quite common for some people to spit poison and break up their former partner as soon as they can, the singer did not say a single wrong word about Makhmuda Muradov. “I understand that people are generally more interested in privacy than music. But in the media, it’s unnecessarily dramatic. On the contrary, Mach and I are completely at ease and we function as parents who are here for their child, ”said Monika Bagárová in an interview with

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“I will never talk badly about him either. He gave me the most beautiful thing and we will both breathe for our Ruminka, ”added the singer, who, although she is certainly sad from the breakup, takes things sensibly.

He takes care of himself and Ruminka

After a break of several days, Monika Bagárová returned to Instagram and again supplies her fans with various fragments from her life. She goes swimming with little Ruminka and devotes herself to hard training. In the videos she shares in the stories, the singer looks happy and always smiles. It is obvious that her rest has benefited and she manages to fill the hole in her heart with various activities and especially with her time with her daughter. Keep it up!


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