prizes distributed. Prestigious statuettes for business and thousands of officials

Man of the year, Company of the year, Technology of the year and two additional awards: the special award of the editor-in-chief of and the award of the 25th anniversary of Wirtualna Polska. For the second time in history, the editorial staff of presented prestigious awards for the most important people and companies in the Polish economy.

2020 changed everything. The coronavirus changed everything. How we communicate. How and where we buy. How we work. Not only the rules of the business game had to change. The condition of the Polish economy is also changing. After three decades of growth, we are in for a real crisis. Without some companies and without some of their activities, the condition of the economy would be much worse. And it is the companies and people that are changing the face of the Polish economy that were awarded this year.

The selection was made by the chapter, which included, inter alia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Jadwiga Emilewicz, President of WP Media Joanna Pawlak, President of Budimex Dariusz Blocher, Vice President of WP Holding Michał Brański, President of the Polish Development Fund Paweł Borys, Dean of the WSB University Dr. Maciej Kawecki, President of Kazar Artur Kazienko or developer and rally driver Rafał Sonik. The prizes were awarded during the Impact’20 Connected Edition gala.

The man of the year is not one

This year, an exceptional title “ Man of the Year” it does not go to one person. It does not go into the hands of an entrepreneur, investor or innovator. It also does not fall into the hands of a politician. In a reality transformed, and perhaps a little demolished by the coronavirus epidemic, there are many people who deserve recognition.

And that is why the title of the man, or in fact the people of the year, goes to everyone involved in the creation and implementation of the anti-crisis and financial shield.

It is an award for ministry officials, employees of local offices, IT specialists from the Social Insurance Institution and analysts of the Polish Development Fund. It was their work that allowed for the efficient implementation of the largest aid package in the history of the Polish economy. It was their work that stopped the first economic crisis in Poland since the 1990s. The anti-crisis shield does not and should not have just one face. It was a team project on an unprecedented scale.

The award was collected by Deputy Prime Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz. – It is a touching moment, and I feel uncomfortable because I represent many people with names and surnames. These are not anonymous characters. The pace of not only laws, but implementations was important. All this is due to the enormous sacrifice – she said. As she emphasized, “public service took on proper importance in the first months of the pandemic.”

– The shields would not arise if it were not for the hard work of many people. Their symbol will be the sleeping bag with which I moved into the ministry. Lots of people worked day and night to get it all done. Today is the time to celebrate, but we are still cautious about the future, says Jadwiga Emilewicz.

– Many offices have completely changed their faces during the epidemic, the example can be the Social Insurance Institution, which found its way to the administration’s avant-garde. For many entrepreneurs it is probably a surprise, but it was so – he adds. As he emphasizes, the initiative to reward public administration did not come from the public administration, which had its representatives in the chapter. It’s an idea of ​​entrepreneurs.

They fought cancer, started fighting the coronavirus

Prize “Company of the year” in turn goes to the company Warsaw Genomics. It is made up of a team of scientists who studied the genes of Poles a few months ago. Thus, they searched for those with the highest risk of cancer. And it can be determined precisely by our genes. Such tests mean faster diagnosis, accurate treatment and, above all, fewer deaths. And it is no secret that the percentage of Poles dying of cancer is one of the highest in the European Union. Without prophylaxis, we will not change this dramatic statistic.

Warsaw Genomics does not stop there, however. The company has been one of the main testing Poles for the presence of coronavirus for several months. At the time when the availability of the research was low, the company simply changed the industry at its own expense. And today it can take several thousand samples every day.

– It wasn’t an easy choice. Most companies faced not only business challenges, but also fought to survive on the market. Therefore, the jury took into account not only the financial results, but also how the companies reacted to the epidemic. Social activities received a double bonus – explains Sebastian Ogórek.

As indicated by Dr. Anna Wójcicka, her company works mainly to “make life better for patients in Poland”. – We are a company that performs genetic tests. We look for damage that indicates the risk of disease. At the time of COVID, we made a decision to perform other tests. In five days, we switched our powers to help fight the coronavirus. Together with the largest companies, we have managed to carry out 27 thousand. research for doctors – explained dr hab. Wójcicka.

Portable laboratory

An award in the technology category in turn, the company Genomtec receives for the product Genomtec ID. It’s a lab in a box. It allows you to quickly carry out tests for the presence of viruses, bacteria and fungi from numerous samples. The Polish product may revolutionize visits to doctors. How? Your GP will be able to carry out some basic tests on your own. Nay! The equipment can even be used by the consumers themselves. They will check if they are healthy and will go for a doctor’s advice.

– Today no one is waiting for a new phone, today we are waiting for two things: a cure for coronavirus and a vaccine against the virus. The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of R&D departments, and this is not an exaggeration. And it was this topic that became the main axis of the debate on who should get the technology award – says Sebastian Ogórek, editor-in-chief of

– Thank you for the award, thank you to the team for three months of hard work. We have managed to create a diagnostic kit completely from scratch that is able to diagnose coronavirus within 11 minutes. It improves and streamlines the entire diagnostic process – says Miron Tokarski, president of Genomtec ID. Companies such as Booksy and Coinfirm were also nominated in the Technology of the Year category.

The third anti-crisis shield

A special award of the editor Rafał Brzoska, the creator of Inpost and Paczkomaty, received it.

– He’s a man who has had ups and downs. His company had its ups and downs too. However, during the epidemic, he allowed many entrepreneurs to act and trade. Rafał Brzoska is probably an enemy of shopping malls, but a friend of Polish e-commerce – this is what Sebastian Ogórek argues. As he emphasizes, for many companies e-commerce was in fact one of the next anti-crisis shields.

– This is an award for nearly 10,000. people who were involved in the fight for Polish business. They were involved in the rescue, they helped in supporting the companies that were looking for a place for themselves. Today, almost a quarter of Polish trade is on the Internet. Thank you to my colleagues, this is an award for you – says Rafał Brzoska.

“We always want more”

Another category and another award – this “The award of the 25th anniversary of Wirtualna Polska”.

WP is the first and most popular Polish portal. We’ve been talking about what’s important since 1995. Every day, every hour. We help in making everyday decisions. And this year we celebrate our special birthday. Hence this category, this award. And it goes to a company that has been proving for years that unique technologies can be built in Poland, and that industries associated only with Western countries can appear in Poland.

– They started with a small distribution, today they are a well-known and recognizable brand all over the world. The award is given for perseverance, creativity and striving for excellence that many corporations can envy. There is innovation in the company’s DNA, and this is the key to success, argues Joanna Pawlak, CEO of Wirtualna Polska Media. And the “25th anniversary of Wirtualna Polska” award goes to CD Projekt.

– We have 26 years of activity behind us. This is an exciting quarter century, but what excites us most is what will happen in the next 25 years. At CD Projekt we always think that the best is ahead, that it is yet to come. And that’s what drives us every day. The first step into the future is in a moment – says Adam Kiciński, president of CD Projekt.

Who were the winners of awards in 2019? Michał Sołowow became the “Man of the Year by”, and was the winner in two categories: “Technology that changed the rules of the game” and “ Company of the Year”. The latter award was won ex aequo with Wielton.

In 2020, they are joined by companies such as Warsaw Genomics, Genomtec, CD Projekt and Rafał Brzoska and all the creators of anti-crisis shields. And this is how the second edition of awards ends.

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