Money laundering: the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber confirmed the prosecutions of Cristóbal López, Fabián De Souza and Osvaldo Sanfelice

The chambermaids Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi, whose transfers question Kirchnerism, confirmed today the prosecutions against Cristóbal López, Fabián De Souza and Osvaldo Sanfelice dictated more than a year ago by Judge Julián Ercolini Source: Archive

The Buenos Aires Federal Chamber, with the votes of the judges Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi, chambermaids whose transfers question Kirchnerism, confirmed today the prosecutions of businessmen Christopher Lopez, Fabián De Sousa and Osvaldo Sanfelice –who was a partner of Maxim Kirchner-, by money laundering and illicit association.

The Chamber had pending this decision for more than a year. The prosecutions that were confirmed today were dictated by the judge Julian Ercolini on June 5, 2019, in a case investigating alleged criminal maneuvers carried out through the company Agosto SA and companies of the Indalo Group. Along with the prosecutions, the Chamber confirmed the embargoes ordered in the cause.

The hypothesis being investigated in this case is that millions of pesos of the fuel tax that López would have evaded (a fact that is the subject of another investigation, which is in the instance of oral trial) they were laundered through loans between the companies of the Indalo Group, and later reinvested in the Agosto company, which was engaged in the rental of machinery.

The other judge of the court, Mariano Llorens, voted in dissent. He said that he considered “strictly necessary to carry out an accounting expertise” so that the case had “sufficient grounds” to move towards the oral trial.

Bruglia and Bertuzzi are two of the ten judges whose transfers question Kirchnerism, which promoted from the Council of the Magistracy a review of their appointments in the Federal Chamber, which they arrived during the macrismo, by transfer, without having participated in that court. .

Given the advance of the government’s plan to review their designations, Bruglia and Bertuzzi presented, last Wednesday, an amparo action to declare the unconstitutionality of the Council resolution that affirms that their appointments are incomplete and tells the Casa Rosada that the approval of the Senate would be necessary to complete them. According to Bruglia and Bertuzzi, the Council incurred in a “flagrant violation of the constitutional guarantees of legality, division of powers, and tenure in office” that judges have. “The Supreme Court of Justice has validated transfers of federal judges and always understood that these transfers should be considered final,” they argued.

Criticisms of Cristina Kirchner

Last night on Twitter Cristina Kirchner He had questioned Bruglia, whom he referred to as “the lazy transfer of papers, without the consent of the Senate and without taking the oath of law” in a chain of messages in which the vice president said that yesterday’s ruling by the Chamber, signed by Bruglia and Martín Irurzun, had just “consecrated once again impunity for Mauricio Macri.”

Bruglia and Irurzun had reversed, hours before, a decision of federal judge María Servini, who had ordered that they hand over all the records of Macri’s calls, made and received between January 2016 and August 2019. The chambermaids ordered him to Servini to narrow the scope of your request. It was in the framework of a case that began with a complaint by De Souza against the former president and other Cambiemos officials, whom she accused of having extorted her into giving them companies that she shares with López.


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