Money for the Winterberg bobsleigh run

Land supports the bobsleigh run with around 110,000 euros

© Ralf Litera

The state supports the bobsleigh and toboggan run in Winterberg with a financial injection. The Sportzentrum Winterberg Hochsauerland GmbH receives more than 110,000 euros. The money is intended for the new construction and modernization of the weather protection on curve 6 of the bobsleigh and toboggan run. The measure provides for a modernization of the weather protection of curve 6, according to the Arnsberg district government.

The existing awning, which was erected more than 20 years ago, is to be replaced by a fixed roof and a fabric film curtain. The aim is to achieve a constant ice quality of the track surface in all weather conditions. The adjacent curves 5 and 7 already have comparable weather protection.

The Winterberg bobsleigh and toboggan run is a federal base, a state performance base of special regional interest and a state performance center for bobsleigh, tobogganing and skeleton.

The state grant is funding for the construction of sports facilities in accordance with the guidelines on the granting of grants for the promotion of investment measures at outstanding sports facilities.



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