Money Exchange Chain Suri-Change Closed in The Hague After Explosion and Ongoing Criminal Investigation

The office of money exchange chain Suri-Change in The Hague will remain closed for six months by order of mayor Jan van Zanen. The municipality reports this to on Monday. The building was hit by an explosion in the night from Sunday to Monday.

Suri-Change also has branches in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Last week, six explosions took place at various buildings of the company.

The building in The Hague will be closed “because of the structural nature of the serious incidents of violence and because a criminal investigation against BV Suri-Change is ongoing”, the municipality reports. According to The Hague, the chance of recurrence is high, as is the risk of escalation of violent incidents at the building.

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, three money exchange offices in Amsterdam were hit. Two days later, it happened again at one of those three locations. In the night from Saturday to Sunday there was an explosion in front of the head office in Rotterdam. And last night things went wrong at the location in De Heemstraat in The Hague.

On Friday, the municipality of Amsterdam closed the three affected buildings in the city. The three other branches in the capital are still open. After the explosion at the Rotterdam head office, Maasstad has decided to close the two branches in the city. The branches will remain closed for three months, a spokesperson for the Rotterdam police told

Wat is Suri-Change?

2023-05-29 13:03:50

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