Money Burning in Saudi Arabia: Investing Heavily in Football and Golf Sponsorship

GOld football rule: At the end of the day, the balance must be right. Applies to alert executives anytime, anywhere, but especially after this wild week. Let’s check Saudi Arabia: There, the crown prince apparently found a few hundred billion surplus in the savings accounts after the acquisition of golf. Unbearable.

Look again in the savings accounts?

So it’s a good thing that in Madrid and London, for example, a couple of fairly young men have to reorient themselves professionally because they can hardly make ends meet with their salaries. Karim Benzema could be helped. The Frenchman was unveiled at Al-Ittihad in Jeddah on Thursday night, with a show proving that anything may be a crime in Saudi Arabia, but pyrotechnics apparently isn’t.

On the other hand, no one claimed the flamethrowers were CO either2-neutral. Benzema now earns 55 million euros a year or 100 million or 200 million, the reports are not entirely unanimous, the crown prince may have to look at the savings accounts again.

In any case, one question does not arise: gross or net? The crown prince burns the coal tax-free.

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2023-06-10 14:16:58
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