Monday horoscope: what awaits you today? – In harmony – Egoiste

Important money matters. We must try to keep up with the usual financial rhythm, and it is desirable to finally introduce income and expense records. They discipline and avoid reckless spending.

Different ideas come and wind around, so now is the time to decide on change, set new goals and decide who and how you want to work with.

Do not do several jobs at once, even though you think you will succeed. One moment and you may be wrong. Then it needs to be corrected, it needs to be clarified. What you can’t do today, you will do tomorrow. Or tomorrow.

The week begins gradually. Maybe in the morning some issues of private, economic nature still need to be resolved, and work matters are moving forward slowly. Lists weekly plans.

In person or remotely, but at work or in business you will want to hold the reins in your hands. There will be planning, discussions, new ideas. At the end of the day, make sure that colleagues have done everything.

The day is quite emotional. The feeling that not everything is possible, that the springs will stick and it would have been better to extend the holidays and relax even today. Don’t force work and find moments to take a breath.

Who came to work this morning and is excited? Or – online and waiting for colleagues? The scales will start this week with a powerful energy charge.

Is that scabby guy sitting in the office or seen in an online meeting a Scorpio? If the mood is not good on Monday morning, it will improve during the day and the work will move. Will be fine!

There may be an opportunity to earn extra income, and then the money will be enough for both planned purchases and entertainment. It is recommended not to put it in socks, but to invest it, put it into circulation.

Career plans are quite optimistic. Success awaits in those areas of activity where the talents of an organizer and an orator are required from Mežāža. You will strengthen your authority.

Aquarius today will come up with ideas and surprise with a flight of thought. Someone might wonder in disbelief … Work with those who understand and support.

A restless day. From the very morning it will seem that you have stepped out of bed with your left foot. A little naughty, a little bubbly … Well, Fish can’t always be nice and welcoming.



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