Mönchengladbach: Chase: Patrol cars crash into cars

Mönchengladbach –

A 32-year-old man had a frenzied chase in Mönchengladbach. In the end there was a spectacular accident – and two broken patrol cars.

A police motorcyclist had tried to stop the 32-year-old’s Ford around 6:20 p.m. on Saturday evening – on Krefeld Street, of all places, near the police headquarters. But the driver didn’t stop, but went full throttle.

Chase: With 100 km through the center of Mönchengladbach

He disregarded various traffic rules and raced through the city at 100 km / h, finally driving on the A 52, changing to the A 44 at the Neersen junction in the direction of Krefeld.

In the driveway, the gunman put his brakes on and tried to turn. A patrol car chasing him crashed into the Ford. A second police car was also unable to brake and crashed into the first.

Chase in Mönchengladbach: gunman and police officer injured in collision

Due to the collision, the refugee and a police officer were slightly injured. The 32-year-old was temporarily arrested. A blood sample was taken from him because he was under the influence of narcotics.

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In addition, the driver had no driver’s license. The car was no longer registered and was registered with a license plate that was actually issued for another car. High damage to property occurred on the vehicles.



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