Monaco, the 12 thousand euro Microlino electric microcar arrives in 2022

Built in Italy and just 243 cm long, it is inspired by the Isetta but can travel up to 200 km with a single battery charge and reaches a maximum speed of 90 km / h

Looking at it it seems to be faced with the practice of restomod: modifying a vintage car adapting it to the taste of the contemporary motorist. In reality, the Microlino is an ambitious project that is inspired only by the line and style of the Isetta, proposing itself as a solution for a new generation urban mobility, electric and less chaotic. The presentation at the Munich mobility fair means the official start of the project, with the possibility of making a reservation directly on the manufacturer’s website. The start of production is scheduled for the end of the year, while the first deliveries are scheduled for spring 2022.

Up to 200 km of autonomy

The characteristic appearance is characterized by the door opening: located at the front, it allows access to a small two-seater passenger compartment where, despite the limited space, a 230-liter load compartment has also been obtained. The structure, made of steel and aluminum weighing only 435 kg, is produced by the Turin-based Cecomp, which will be able to guarantee, once fully operational, an annual production of 7,500 cars. The power unit is composed of a 26 HP electric motor and 118 Nm of maximum torque: with the most performing battery, Microlino can travel up to 200 km on one charge and reaches a maximum speed of 90 km / h. The dimensions are suitable for urban use. The list price is 12 thousand euros, the first deliveries will take place in Switzerland (where the company is based) and Germany, subsequently in the rest of the countries.



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