Mona Zaki: I had a romance before Ahmed Helmy, but it failed

The star has arrived Mona Zaki Guest of the “Sahranin” program, presented by the artist Amir Karara on the channel ONToday, Thursday, in the first episode of the new season.

Mona Zaki revealed during the episode that she had a love affair before her marriage to Helmy, but failed, after which her father advised her with advice, saying, “Dad, tell me, hold me, Mona , like the lawn … in the sense that the movement may be slower when walking on the lawn, but after crossing it, the person returns to normal speed again.

Mona Zaki told the story of her raising a dog in her room unbeknownst to her mother, saying, “One person gave me a dog, I hid it in the drawer so my mother wouldn’t know … I put food and water for him in the drawer and closed the door to the room, but my mother eventually found out. “

The “Sahranin” program, presented by the artist Amir Karara, is aired in its new season, on the channel ONThursday and Friday of each week.

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