Mon Laferte and the Mexican legends of music that he gathered for his next album

Mon Laferte will soon release his new album (Photo: Instagram / @monlaferte)

The Chilean singer, Mon Laferte, recalled through her Instagram account that next April 8 will premiere his new album “Seis” and revealed that not only will she have the collaboration of the Mexican Alejandro Fernández, but that Gloria Trevi will accompany her in her song The woman and the Arrolladora Banda el Limón will also be present.

“We can not with the emotion of this news # ML6″Laferte highlighted in the description of a video where you can see a preview of the single that will be released this Wednesday.

The interpreter of Your lack of wanting He recently expressed that this album was very personal and that it consisted of six songs – as the name implies – that were created during the pandemic and isolation by COVID-19.

According to the label Universal Music Mexico, one of the most impressive songs on the new album is the single Let our love be known which is a duet with the regional singer Alejandro Fernández and which was released in 2020 and it was quickly received by the fans of both interpreters.

On several occasions, the Chilean has protested against sexist violence (Photo: Instagram @monlaferte)
On several occasions, the Chilean has protested against sexist violence (Photo: Instagram @monlaferte)

Other collaborations that will surprise listeners include Gloria Trevi and the Overwhelming Band El Limón by René Camacho, which inspired Laferte to appropriate a musical niche that is generally arranged for men.

“This collaboration raises the need to open spaces and tell the girls that, if they want to play band music, go ahead […] Why does this gender have to be exclusively male? ”, Highlighted the Chilean for her label.

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In addition, the instrumentation and sounds of his new album have references to Toña la Negra, Raphael and Chavela Vargas. Regarding the latter, Laferte has pointed out that one of his inspirations for this recent musical production derived from observing a documentary by Vargas, who has been an icon for ranchera music in the country.

It should be remembered that Mon has been extremely critical of sexist behaviors in the Latin American context. From protesting the Latin Grammy carpet topless to telling Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to break the patriarchal pact, have been some of the strong statements he has made to show his position in favor of women.

Mon Laferte was inspired by his period of isolation by COVID-19 and in a documentary by Chavela Vargas (Photo: Instagram)
Mon Laferte was inspired by his period of isolation by COVID-19 and in a documentary by Chavela Vargas (Photo: Instagram)

It was just last March 9, when she urged President Obrador to reflect on his position before the feminist movement in Mexico.

“Mr. President @lopezobrador_ With all due respect, I come to ask you to step back and meditate. I would like you to understand that the feminist movement was not created by your opponents and that it is not about you, “she commented at the beginning of her message.

“This is the revolution of this century and it is the women of Latin America who are crying out for public policies that protect us and guarantee the basic right to life, “added the singer from Complete love, not without first expressing his desire for a change of course in the president’s vision.

“I would like you to be remembered as the first president of Mexico who broke the pact and who began with a complete transformation of respect, equality and justice. Unfortunately today, with your actions, history will say that you were one more accomplice of patriarchal violence. Please, Mr. President, please ”, he concluded.


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