Molloot Ivo about episode 7: ‘Jeroen is the mole anyway’

Because you see a space between the ‘n’ and the ‘Q’, so you have to put that too if you are trying to form that word on an Italian mud road with wine barrels that have letters placed on it (my reasoning). But my other half totally agreed with Tygo, because no, you wouldn’t do that in Scrabble either. “Besides, a space is minus money,” said my love. But I saw a trick of the Who is the mole?makers to encourage the use of the seductive letter ‘Q’ that was worth $ 100 here, and then reduce it by $ 50, because that was the price of a space. So the space haters were greedy and would be penalized for it, because without a space the whole word would not count.

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And the space miners would be rewarded for that small setback of 50 euros, because they would get the proceeds from the other letters. Plus, the Scrabble reasoning didn’t hold true here, because in real Scrabble you’re not allowed to place any places at all (another point for me, cough).


Then we decided that ‘De Spatie’ was not worth a marital fight. We then got bogged down in a discussion about whether Nikkie here acted as if Jeroen was molling, or whether she was absolutely right and that Jeroen was very secretly sabotaging everything here. Was he the one who turned the barrels upside down so that the letters were no longer visible and no one was able to locate an ‘i’?

That discord continued until the end of the episode. From the beginning I suspected Nikkie. Any series of Who is the mole? does it happen to me again that I think: Yes… I have it! I see! This is the answer! I am out! It is as if you find the Holy Grail, you suddenly realize that if something is round, you could then drive it, as if you took the right pill and suddenly see through the Matrix and everything falls into place. So I entered a lovely Nikkie tunnel where everything was right, where every eyeliner was placed tightly and the eyeshadow was perfectly blended.

“Mol, Mol, Mol!”

Also in this last episode. I mean: Mirrors. Nikkie looks in a mirror almost every awake hour of her life. Of course she is the mole! The title of this episode is ‘Déja Vu’ and what does Nikkie say literally when she walks into the Abbey Without Roof? Exactly: “Déja Vu, boys!” Mole! And when barrels have to be rolled and she first concludes that long words have to be laid to earn a lot of money, it is the same Nikkie who uses her natural superiority to let the others put the shortest possible word: Pisa.

Mole, Mole, Mole! And I mean, have you ever seen someone roll a wine barrel slower? No, completely clear. Ready. In addition, my brother, who was in the front when the odds calculation knobs were handed out while I was just distracted by a very nice butterfly, texted that he was going to bet all his points on Nikkie because that made sense: if two of the three remaining players are on Nikkie then the chance that those two are right is much greater than the one sitting on Jeroen.

‘The mole, that’s Jeroen’

But then I took the other pill and suddenly saw the other path, the path that I had already taken the previous episode and that feels like the road you take because you do not let yourself be distracted by Nikkie who played this game very cleverly, who has positioned herself in such a way that she could take the lead and could see who and how she was being followed, the one who managed to enter the room with the mole so as not to let it go.

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Because the mole is Jeroen. He made sure to stay with the candidates last week to search with them on Elba and prevent them from making money. And continued that line this episode. Fiddling with those wine barrels. Shouting in a train in a mine shaft: ‘Barbara Streisand’. Only a radio DJ knows that soft sounds in a noisy mine shaft become an unintelligible mess. He might as well have called out “rhubarb stretch marks.” Nikkie could never understand.

Final conclusion

Bee Moltalk it also turned out that Jeroen’s handwriting was much closer to the mole’s handwriting on the mirrors than that of Nikkie. He even turned out to have written in his letter to the mole that if the mole wanted to vent, he could come and visit him (I must have been distracted by a butterfly again, because I had completely missed this). But that is exactly what it is: as a mole you only have yourself to vent. That’s why he is.

And so I come to the final conclusion that Tygo is the loser, that Nikkie will run off with the prize money and that Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte can be placed in the gallery of honor because he played the mole this anniversary edition. Next week, Rik will agree.

Ivo van Woerden is a journalist and writer. He looks at it every year Who is the mole? and secretly hopes to one day be a CN’er enough to participate, but suspects that he will be out after the first episode.

Watch the seventh episode of Who is the mole? here back.

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