Molieres. A little history … of water

More than sixty years ago, exactly on January 27, 1960, Molieres celebrated the completion of the works which brought drinking water to the houses and barns of the village and the surrounding area.

This step marked a major development. In fact, until then, most of the households lived on water from wells from which we also took water for the herds. A new era dawned for the town of Molières, with the help of the public authorities and above all thanks to the solidarity and the work of the members and inhabitants of the town. Participation was measured in days of work. And it took a lot to dig almost entirely with shovel and pickax for kilometers of trenches, capture the springs and build the hydraulic dam to operate the pumps of the Lample system. This creation of an inventor from Terrou made it possible to supply the reserves with no other need than a modest waterfall. This system had been put in place in the hamlet of Bex, shortly before, and was satisfactory.

After a few months of work, the inauguration took place on January 27. It was sumptuous: the three restaurants of the town joined together to serve a meal which, nowadays, would seem worthy of Luculus and Pantagruel.

Odette Lafarguette, Yolande Roussilhes, Alice Lacaze put all their talent into making a banquet that has long been remembered by the guests.

Asked by the mayor of Molières at the time Raymond Gibrat, the deputy mayor of Figeac Juskiewenski and the chief engineer of rural engineering Taurion had accepted the presidency of this meal served noon and evening.

After electricity, this access to running water “on the sink” marked a decisive development in everyday life. The party was commensurate with the event.


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