Mohamed Salah Prioritizes This in Liverpool, rather than Top Score


Mohamed Salah don’t worry about the number of goals that will be scored this season. For Salah, the focus is on bringing Liverpool to win Premier League and Champions League.

Salah has entered his fourth year wearing a red and red uniform. Since strengthening Liverpool, he has transformed into a deadly bomber in the Premier League.

In his first season, Salah immediately scored 44 goals in all competitions, including 32 goals which made him the Premier League’s top scorer. In his second season, Salah’s score decreased to 27 goals, including 22 goals in the Premier League and became the joint top scorer.

Well, in his third season, aka last season, Salah dropped dramatically because he only scored 23 goals, 19 of which were in the league. So naturally criticism is directed at him and people are increasingly happy to label Salah with the nickname “One Hit Wonder” aka seasonal sensation.

Regarding that criticism, Mohamed Salah do not care because he still feels good for Liverpool. Even if the statistics have decreased, Salah feels that this is normal.

“I think it is difficult to do it the first time, but it will be even more difficult the second time, and even more difficult the third time,” Salah was quoted as saying Liverpool Echo.

“Some people will always criticize. They will say ‘He’s good here, but not good in that aspect’,” he continued.

“You better not worry about it and just do your job. I love what I do.”

“Goals, assists … I feel fine and it is our risk if the conditions are a little difficult. The important thing is we have to be brave and do well.”

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Mohamed Salah this season immediately stepped on the gas with a score of 10 goals from 13 appearances, eight in the league. However, for Salah the most important thing is that Liverpool can win the English League and Champions League titles.

“It’s important to win individual awards like that, but I always say that the Premier League, the Champions League and trophies are for the first team. My ambition is to win both. We won the Champions League and Premier League last season. My ambition is to win both. in the same season. “

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