Mohamed Fouad Al-Mohandes reveals 4 reasons that precipitated the death of his father … and this is his favorite comedian

Alaa Wali Eddin Comedian’s favorite .. Henidi was laughing at him .. He predicted the stardom of Muhammad Saad

The reason for his separation from Shweikar is not known to others, and he died with them .. Will he love afterwards? He replied, “Professor doesn’t live without love.”

Eating a mango in the bathroom is one of the rituals of Professor Fouad Al-Muhandis

History paused for a moment to write the birth certificate of the late comedy star Fouad Al-MohandesHe is the owner of the large archive of creativity and brilliance, and I appreciate those who sat on the throne of the comedy theater in the Arab world, as it is an artistic and ethical school whose lines were written in letters of creativity, and in the month of his birth and departure “September” his son Mohamed Fouad the engineer reveals secrets in the life of the professor, which he announces for the first time in a dialogue With “the seventh day”.

Muhammad Fouad al-Muhandis described the day of his father’s departure as the most difficult day in his life, revealing the scenes of this fateful day in the life of the Muhandis’s family, saying: “I received the news by my wife Nihal, who told my brother Ahmed, and I was at that time imprisoned in a legal dispute with banks. The death was at seven o’clock. In the morning, they informed me of the news at exactly nine o’clock in the morning, and one of the jail told me to stay, God the professor passed away. “

The son of Professor Fouad Al-Muhandis added: “When the television opened, the channels were broadcasting the news entitled (Goodbye Fouad Al-Muhandis), and Habib Al-Adly, Minister of Interior, allowed me at this time to go out to attend the funeral and the funeral … I did not attend the funeral prayer, but I attended the burial.”

He continued: “I was very coherent and reassured my times and my brothers, but my suffering began two years after I got out of prison, and I went home and felt a great need, deficient powers … the scent of the professor I could not find, at that time I began to collapse.”

On the condition of the late artist Shweikar at the time of Fouad Al-Muhandis’s death, Mohamed Fouad Al-Muhandis revealed that her condition was very bad and in a state of complete collapse.

Regarding what was spread about the death of Fouad al-Muhandis, we mourned him after his imprisonment, he explained that there are 4 reasons that precipitated the death of the professor, the first: The departure of his friend, the artist Abdel Moneim Madbouly, the second the death of his student, the artist Sana Younes, the third, the fire that devoured his room and lost all his belongings in this fire, and finally; I enter prison.

He said that the fire was caused by a short circuit due to the air conditioning, and the fire consumed everything in the room, such as prizes, certificates of appreciation, money, clothes, his rare pictures, books and film scenarios, and the bed of Khedive Ismail, which he obtained at the auction in 1969, and this fire was the strongest cause that precipitated his death as it affected a negative impact On his psyche.

He added that the professor was in the room during the fire, sitting on his bed and could not move because it was in his last days, my wife saw the smoke outside the apartment and rushed up with the neighbors to catch the professor.

Regarding the real reason for the separation of Fouad Al-Muhandis and Shweikar, the professor’s son said that everything that was rumored about the reasons for their separation does not deviate from being speculation and expectations, and no one knows the real reason for their separation except them and died with them, and we did not seek to find out the reason, but the relationship between Fouad al-Muhandis and Shweikar continued even after their separation With mutual respect between the two parties.

When asked whether Fouad Al-Mohandes entered into a love relationship after Shwikar, especially since he declared after their separation in an interview with the media, Moufid Fawzy, that his heart is still beating, the professor’s son said in a brief comment that Fouad al-Muhandis could not live without love, and he did not reveal the identity of the woman who signed Fouad The engineer is in love with her after his separation from Shweikar.

We asked Fouad’s son, Al-Muhandis, what if the professor was a witness to the works of art today, what would he comment? To answer us with a number of oppressive questions, the answer is clear: Is there a clean comedy now? Is there fine art? Is there a laugh from the heart now? Is there theater without vulgarity ?! Mirdifa: After Adel Imam, I doubt that there is a clean theater.

He revealed his views on the comedic wave that was sparked by Hanidi and his generation, and said: “Fouad Al-Muhandis loved Alaa Wali El-Din and he was his favorite comedian, and he went to the cinema to watch the movie Al-Nazir.

He added that among the artists who were laughing was Professor Fouad Al-Mohandes; Muhammad Henedy and Muhammad Saad, in 1996 Fouad al-Muhandis watched a play and went to Samir Khafaji and said to him: (Give this actor), and consult with Muhammad Saad to say to him: (You will remain a good actor and Comedian Hail).

The son of Professor Fouad Al-Muhandis continued: “The professor loved Ahmed Zaki very much, and he agreed to the movie (Al-Bayah Al-Bawab) without hesitation. He used to say that Ahmed Zaki is a strong actor, and he also loved Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Nour Al-Sharif, in addition to my family friends Hussein Fahmy and Samir Sabry.

Among the unforgettable memories of his relationship with the stars, Fouad Al-Mohandes’s son revealed that after he was shown the movie “Ayoub”, he refused and said, “I do not want to be perfect.” Then the star Omar Sharif called him and said to him I agree, due to the intensity of his love for Nour Al-Sharif.

In response to what was rumored about Fouad al-Muhandis’s remorse for his cinematic career that he was not satisfied with him, Mohamed Fouad al-Muhandis said: “The last thing that she loves is cinema. He is not satisfied with his films, on the contrary, he is very satisfied, but cinema is not his first lover.

He also refuted what was rumored about Fouad al-Muhandis ending the legend of Ismail Yassin, and said: “This is a kind of comedy and this is another type, and a new wave of comedy appeared with the project“ A Hour for Your Heart ”, but Ismail Yassin remains the owner of a school different from Professor Fouad Al-Muhandis. Planned to end the legend of Ismail Yassin, wondering; who masterminded? And why? And who benefits?!.

Ibn Fuad, the engineer, revealed a secret for the first time about the personality of the professor, as he said that he used to eat mangoes in the bathroom so that his clothes did not get dirty, so he would not enjoy eating them except in the bathroom, and he bathed afterwards, because he used to greedily eat them.


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