Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has emerged from silence!

The possible acquisition of Olympique de Marseille is almost on everyone’s lips since Friday and the declarations of the former president of the RCT Mourad Boudjellal, intermediary in a project of acquisition of Olympique de Marseille with funds coming from the Middle East . Behind him, the name of Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi was also mentioned, the Franco-Tunisian businessman being another intermediary. The next day, the president of Olympique de Marseille Jacques-Henri Eyraud quickly dismantled this rumor on Saturday during a press conference. But the truth could be different.

The continuation after this publicity

Sunday evening guest on Shems FM, a Tunisian radio station, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi logically spoke of this takeover project. It was not possible for us to translate the interview in Arabic, however, the media site published the main lines of the interview in which we learn in particular that it has been several months since the businessman reflected to buy OM. “Ajroudi stressed that the idea was not born of the moment but took a year of work, planning and consultations”, and “Ajroudi added that consultations to buy Olympique de Marseille are progressing positively”, wrote the media on its website.

Ayachi Ajroudi confirms for Boudjellal

Shems FM however transcribed some words from Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi. The Franco-Tunisian did not stop there, however, since he also spoke of Mourad Boudjellal. “The seller has the right to refuse, but in return, the buyer has the right to guarantee the transaction at the lowest possible price, it is ultimately a question of supply and demand. In the event that the agreement is concluded, I will not assume the leadership of the club. Just what has been agreed with my partners, Mourad Boudjellal will be the president of Olympique de Marseille while I will implement a plan for the president of the board of directors ”, he added.

Before leaving, the engineer by training obviously did not escape the questions concerning the 700 million euros mentioned for the future takeover of the Marseille club. However, the latter has “Refused to comment on the proposed amount of the agreement, estimated at 700 million euros, stressing that the final disclosure of the number would be postponed until after the signing of the contract”, writes the radio. New elements that should quickly speak.

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