Mohamed, a McDonalds and the scale tricked to hide his overweight

It was no secret to anyone that Antonio Mohamed always had some extra kilos in his stage as player, same that came to the background for the quality with which he turned the Neza Bulls they reached up to a Final in 1997.

Protagonist of that charismatic painting, with the hair and lycra of colors, in addition to white studs and always with a new madness, the Turkish Mohamed he stole glances and made few care about being a chubby player.

Years later, the DT three times Champion of the Liga MX revealed his secret forever give weight on exams what Neza Bulls I asked him.

“I had a very exotic president, white suit, red shirt, a show, which told me, if I pay you the entire contract you are going to get fat and you are not going to give me up. So, you will weigh every 15 days and if he’s overweight I’m going to take so much money from him, “says Mohamed in his book “A Life Full of Passions”, written by Leandro Sánchez.


And it is that despite being a professional football player, the taste for food Antonio nobody took it off and without anyone noticing, he became a frequent customer of a popular restaurant in burgers.

“My wife knew and was angry when I was overweight, so I would prepare vegetable soup every day and it was delicious, to be honest, but eating it daily, I couldn’t anymore,” he says.
“So what I was doing, at the entrance to the street where I lived, was a McDonald’s, and every day after training I would go to McDonald’s, I would eat two hamburgers and he would come with my wife and I would eat the soup, he would say ‘How delicious, I’m already satisfied’ and with that I was no longer in trouble. “

But the one who wasn’t fooling was the scale. Given his evident overweight, Mohamed he got his hands on the device with which the club’s doctors and props weighed it fortnight to fortnight.

“I knew I wasn’t going to give. I had to be in 83, 83 and a half kilos at most and the propper knew, I would buy him food, give him club clothes, t-shirts for him to move a little screw and before the doctor came in he would move him and voila, they never caught me “.


However, some time later lthey changed the scale by an electronics, which meant the end of his antics.

“One day I get to train and the propper tells me ‘ToniYou saw, they changed the scale, they took it away, they are going to bring a new one. ‘ I when I saw that it was a electronics said ‘it doesn’t go here anymore‘ and the I broke up. Two days after it arrived I loaded it and said ‘oh sorry broke‘”, he recounted in his book, although he has also told the anecdote in television programs.

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