Module on sex education at school: details from the Ministry of Education

Dakar, Dec 30 (APS) – The curricular orientations remain attached and in an intangible way to the cultural and religious values ​​of the country, underlined, Wednesday, the Minister of National Education, formally refuting the allegations on a reform aiming to introduce the Sexual education at school.

The media have widely echoed a rumor that an international organization of which Senegal is a member is seeking to introduce in Senegalese schools an educational module devoted to homosexuality.

Since yesterday morning, there has been a report of a meeting initiated by UNESCO and aimed at introducing Sexuality Education at School. The Senegalese Ministry of Education formally refutes these allegations and specifies that the workshop in question focused on the analysis of programs already in force and taught in our schools, ” reads a statement from the ministry. education.

In the document received at the APS, it is recalled that “ disciplines such as Life and Earth Sciences and Home Economics take charge of issues related to child protection, education to family life and reproductive health ”.

The same source emphasizes that “in the same dynamic, the School Medical Control Division is carrying out a prevention, training and awareness program on reproductive health for teachers and students”.

The ministry assures us that ” it is this device which was analyzed by a team of Senegalese consultants and which was the subject of sharing during this meeting which was held in Saly from December 21 to 23, 2020 ”.

The supervisory authority recalls that it is up to Senegal ” to define, in full sovereignty, the content of the lessons provided to its learners, in accordance with its orientations in terms of Education and Training ”.

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These orientations are defined in Orientation Law 91-22 amended in 2004 which stipulates that ” + The most general purposes of National Education consist in making it an instrument capable of preparing the conditions for an integral development, assumed by the whole nation, to promote the values ​​in which the nation recognizes itself…. + ”.

The ministry indicates that it “can in no case consider initiating reforms of its curricula to find an anchor point in sex education”.


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