Modi’s anti-journalism measures create information vacuum in India New York Times

(Web Desk) The international newspaper New York Times showed the real face of the world’s largest so-called democracy and Modi government to the world. The New York Times has said in its report that under the shadow of Modi, India will become a second Kashmir.

This is the eleventh editorial of the New York Times on human rights and declining journalistic standards in India in 2023 alone. In 2019, Kashmir Times filed a petition in court against Modi over the internet shutdown. In retaliation, the Modi government shut down the newspaper itself.

The report states that Modi popularized intolerance and violence against Muslims in India, and that journalists critical of Modi are threatened under the guise of accusations of income tax evasion, terrorism or separatism.

According to the report, newspapers are blackmailed to publish favorable news under the guise of advertisements and funds. After assuming power in 2014, Modi has been systematically controlling the courts and government machinery, leading to Modi’s dictatorship. Now only a few media are standing.

Indian security personnel stand outside the BBC office in New Delhi, which was raided by the Indian tax department last month.

Indian journalist Anu Radha Bhasan has said in the report that Modi’s anti-journalism actions have created an information gap in India, Modi is strangling freedom of expression through new laws.

The report says that after Kashmir, Modi now wants to implement this model in the whole of India. The Modi government put the names of more than 20 critical journalists on the no-fly list. From 1990 to 2018, 19 journalists were killed in Kashmir. Despite this, there was no threat to journalism.

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After Modi came back to power, a journalistic tragedy is brewing and the Indian media has become Modi’s mouthpiece in order to avoid sanctions and economic benefits, stopping the broadcast of BBC’s anti-Modi series and offices under the guise of income tax. Attacks are a tactic to suppress journalistic voices.

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