Moderna: young people manage with tutelage to be vaccinated before 84 days – Santander – Colombia

Camilo Montero, 24 years old, and his brother Rafael, 25 years old, applied the first dose of the Moderna vaccine but when they went to fulfill their appointment of the second dose, they did not apply it, arguing that It was no longer 28 days, but 84, as announced by the Ministry of Health three weeks ago.

If they did not give me the vaccine quickly, there was a risk because there was nothing scientific to prove what could happen

Camilo applied his first dose on August 14 and according to what was recorded in his vaccination card, they should give him the second dose on September 11, while his brother Rafael was vaccinated on July 30 and his second dose was for the 27 of August.

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However, when they came to keep the appointment the vaccinators refused to do so because of the announcement of the Ministry.

So these two Santanderians decided to file a guardianship against the Minister of Health and Social Protection, the National Superintendent of Health, Santander Departmental Health Secretariat, Floridablanca Municipal Health Secretariat and the ESE Clínica Guane (where they were vaccinated with the first dose).

“I was based on the same concepts of the Moderna laboratory that said that the immunization effectiveness from one dose to another at 28 days but beyond that there was no certainty, “Camilo Moreno told EL TIEMPO.

The young man argued the violation of his fundamental rights when he received the refusal of the Guane clinic not to vaccinate him at 28 days. “If they didn’t give me the vaccine quickly, there was a risk because there was nothing scientific to prove what could happen,” he says.

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With these arguments, the sixth civil court of Bucaramanga linked Invima to make the decision and agreed with Camilo and his brother that there is no scientific documentation that confirms that there is effectiveness in the interval of 84 days of application between one dose and another.

The court indicated that neither in the response of Invima nor of the Ministry the existence of scientific studies of the pharmaceutical company where they recommend applying the vaccine with the interval of 84 days is proven.

“Of the probative material brought by the defendants the existence of application or scientific studies is not proven by the pharmaceutical company Moderna Switzerland GmbH, which implies concluding that currently the manufacturer recommends extending the interval between the first and second doses for up to 84 days, as the Ministry of Health and Social Protection arbitrarily did as the authority that has been regulating the intervals for the application of vaccines ” , says in the ruling of the sixth civil court of Bucarmaanga that he agreed with the young people, and gave the Ministry, the clinic and the health secretariats 48 hours to apply the second dose to the Montero brothers.

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Camilo and Rafael were vaccinated on Sunday, September 26, the day the vaccines arrived in Floridablanca.

“We were queuing to get vaccinated yesterday (Sunday) and they were only applying to those over 18 with corbormilities and I I presented my guardianship and they gave it to me ”, Camilo indicated.

According to what they say from the sixth court, the Ministry answered the request for guardianship with the following arguments: “The expansion in the vaccination scheme for said biological is justified in different scientific evidence and has the approval of Invima through Resolution 2021036534 of August 26, 2021 ”, it says in the ruling.

In addition, they pointed out that “the efficacy of vaccines is better when the time between doses is extended, that delaying the second dose is unlikely to lead to a negative effect on the immune response generated by the first dose and that it is quite likely to differ the second dose for a few weeks does not have a negative effect on protection against covid-19 ”.


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