Moderna Refuses to Share COVID-19 Vaccine Formula, WHO: Humanitarian Failure


COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna is considered one of the best in the world because of its high efficacy. It’s just that the supply for this vaccine is limited so Moderna is encouraged to share its patents or formulas to increase production.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Modern, Noubar Afeyan, said it would try to increase production. In an interview with Associated Press (AP), Noubar did not answer whether it would distribute the vaccine formula.

“In the next six to nine months, the most reliable way to make a high-quality and efficient vaccine is for us to make it ourselves,” Noubar said as quoted on Wednesday (13/10/2021).

Sharing intellectual property, in this case the formula and technology for making COVID-19 vaccines, is being done by many world pharmaceutical companies to increase production capacity. For example, the AstraZeneca vaccine formula from the UK was distributed and then produced by India and South Korea.

World Health Organization (WHO) said the process of sharing this formula could actually only be done temporarily. At least until the pandemic emergency is over.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus commented that the debate over sharing formulas in a pandemic situation shows that humanity has failed.

“Debating whether intellectual property rights can be put aside in the face of an unforeseen crisis, where thousands of lives are lost every week, is simply not true. Why do we own it when it’s not being used for now?” said Tedros.

“We must respect the role of the private sector in the COVID-19 response and the development of a short vaccine. But we must ensure access for everyone. This release of intellectual property rights is temporary, only until the pandemic is over,” he concluded.

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