Modern and Efficient Treatment Options for Herniated Disc Disease at Phyathai Hospital

Modern and Efficient Treatment Options for Herniated Disc Disease at Phyathai Hospital

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Nowadays we will see a large number of people of working age. Having muscle aches in various organs of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, back, is a symptom found in people who generally sit and work. stay with computer or using a mobile phone for a long time In every posture, including sitting, lying down, standing, and bending the neck and arching the back, all of them affect the neck, shoulders, back, which sometimes are not realized only when there is more chronic pain from various risky behaviors that many people may not even think about.

Including the cervical disc area, which is another point where Thai people are experiencing quite a lot of problems. which is caused by overuse of the body or having behavior in an abnormal position causing muscle inflammation If not treated correctly and in a timely manner, it may cause serious consequences to the point of disability.

Many young working people are faced with the problem of “Office Syndrome” without realizing it, which if you allow neck, shoulder, back pain to continue for a long time more than a week Until numbness occurs in the hands and arms, causing weakness. Sharp pain in shoulder or a lot of back pain It may increase the severity of the herniated disc disease.

Phyathai Hospital Group is a “leader” in bringing innovative surgical treatments. “Diseases of the nervous system and spinal cord” which has a long history of experience with Dr. Theerasak Phon-ngam, a brain and nervous system surgeon. and spinal neurosurgeon And the head doctor of the Mini Spine Center or the laparoscopic spine surgery center at Phyathai 2 Hospital has been a pioneer and leader of the “Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery” or “small incision surgery” approach in Thailand for over 15 years by starting to use technology as well. The use of minimally invasive surgery in brain disease Expanded to small incision surgery in patients with spinal diseases…until success was the first in Thailand!!

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Herniated disc disease can be observed as follows:

It is a disease that is frequently encountered in people of all genders and ages. This can be observed from these symptoms.
Pain in the neck radiating down to the arm. Back pain radiating down the legs Chronic pain in the neck or back The patient will have one of these pains. for a long period of time, more than 14 days, and the pain does not go away And there are also various causes that lead to this disease, such as

Age: The lumbar disc acts like a shock absorber for the spine. And over time, our cervical discs will wear out and degenerate. The external adhesion of the disc breaks and causes the internal disc tissue to burst out. This causes the jelly-like internal tissue to slide out and press on the nerves in the spinal cord. Resulting in various neck and back pains following daily activities. Whether playing sports Exercising hard, lifting heavy things, and sitting in the wrong position are all causes of deterioration of the spinal discs. Obesity, people who are overweight. The spine is subjected to a heavy load and this can affect the cervical discs and pain in various joints as well. In addition, fat around the abdomen can cause the body to be unbalanced and increase the risk of injury or accidents. Accidents in the case of strong pressure or shock. It can cause the disc to rupture and come out and press on the nerve as well.

Dr. Teerasak Phaenggam, head of the neurosurgery department The Brain and Spine Center at Phyathai 2 Hospital recommends that there are many ways to treat this type of disease, including taking medication. Physical therapy and many more, but there is one good method that after treatment is considered to be the most obvious result and the patient can return to normal life, that is surgery for a herniated disc. Nowadays, this method has been developed to be more modern and efficient. But surgery still has many treatment options to choose from. Either a small incision surgery with a high-power magnifying camera or a Microscopic Discectomy, the doctor will perform surgery on the patient’s cervical disc together with the use of a Microscopic camera, which is a camera with high magnification power. The doctor can clearly see the nervous system within the patient’s body. As a result, we can treat patients with the most direct and effective results. The surgical wound will be as small as 2.5 centimeters only. There is also Endoscopic Discectomy, in which the doctor performs disc surgery to open an incision on the patient’s side near the area that is causing the pain. The open wound is approximately 8 millimeters in size. Then the doctor will insert an endoscopic camera through the wound into the point that is causing the pain and perform surgical treatment by looking at the screen displayed by the camera. The cervical disc surgery method mentioned The treatment is very effective when using a laser to help with surgery. The use of laser in surgery to treat a herniated disc The doctor will use a laser to target the degenerated disc and press on the spinal nerve. The heat from the laser will gradually Breaks up the protruding disc so that it retracts into the spinal joint. This method greatly reduces risks during surgery.

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Surgery for herniated discs has been developed with modern treatment methods and equipment. This causes the patient to spend a short time undergoing surgery. Importantly, it still hurts very little. Because the size of the wound is smaller than the treatment in the past. This allows the patient to be able to get up and walk within 24 hours after surgery and be able to recover quickly. Importantly, when treatment with this method is completed Patients still have a chance of being cured. and can return to normal life as usual. However, all of these treatment guidelines If a brain specialist becomes a surgeon It is considered that treatment will greatly increase efficiency. Because surgery for a herniated disc in the spine There will be connections in the nerve system that connects to the brain. which is considered an important point Because if you make a mistake, it may have negative effects on your body. Until it may lead to physical disability.

From the long experience of Dr. Teerasak Phon-ngam who has been treating patients since 2006 until the present (2023), he has provided treatment to patients with spinal problems. and spinal cord to achieve a large number of successful results and with the Minimally Invasive Surgery method that the doctor initiated to use This reduces the problems that patients are concerned about. Until it becomes confidence Both in terms of safety and success in treatment Surgery with this method The patient will have only a small surgical wound. It’s much smaller than traditional surgery. This causes the patient to have less pain, recover faster, and the time spent in the hospital is shortened. It also greatly reduces the rate of infection from surgery. Therefore, it is considered a highly popular choice today.

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If you have symptoms or want to get advice, consult a doctor. Ask for more information. Brain and Spine Center Phyathai Hospital 2, 4th floor, Building A, call 02-617-2444 ext. 7451,4484 or Call Center 1772 24 hours a day.

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