Modern: A new omicron vaccine could be available in early 2022

“We should know about the current vaccine’s ability to provide protection in the next few weeks,” Burton said on the BBC’s “Andrew Marr Show” on Sunday. “If we have to produce a brand new vaccine, I think it could be available in large quantities in early 2022,” he said. “The remarkable thing about mRNA vaccines is that we can develop them very quickly,” Burton added.

The biotechnology company, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, mobilized hundreds of employees on Thursday as news of the omikron variant spread. Some protection against the new variant should still exist depending on when the person was vaccinated.

What about the third dose of vaccination?

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Applying a third dose of covid vaccination – everything you need to know

“If you’re not vaccinated, get vaccinated,” he said. “It’s a dangerous-looking virus, but I think we now have a lot of tools in our arsenal to fight it.”

The Netherlands, Denmark and Australia reported the first cases of the coronavirus variant omicron on their territory on Sunday. Germany reported its highest seven-day incidence to date and added 44,401 new cases to the statistics. Due to the presence of the omicron variant, the Philippines has temporarily suspended air traffic from seven European countries, including the Czech Republic.

Omicron has many mutations that scientists say may lead to easier transmission. However, according to the WHO, it will take weeks before it becomes clear what the specific consequences of the mutations are. Preliminary findings indicate an increased risk of reinfection compared to other worrying options. The now predominant delta variant has also earned the adjective “worrying”.



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