Modena CEO “I will live with Corona 19 forever”… Endemic disease prediction

Stefan Bangsel Modena CEO

picture explanationStefan Bangsel Modena CEO

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The new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is unlikely to disappear completely, predicted by the CEO of a vaccine manufacturer.

Stephen Bangsell, CEO of US biotechnology company Modena, attended the JPMorgan health care conference as a panel on the 13th (local time) and predicted that “SARS-CoV-2 (new coronavirus) will not disappear.”

“We will have to live with this virus forever,” he said, CNBC reported.

This is a view consistent with the expectations of experts in public health and infectious diseases that Corona 19 is likely to become endemic in the future, CNBC said.

Mr. Bangsell’s remarks came from the day when a new mutant virus was reported in Ohio, USA, following the UK and South Africa.

Researchers at Ohio State University have discovered two new mutant viruses, of which the so-called’Columbus mutation’ has spread rapidly and widespread in Columbus, Ohio over the past three weeks.

In this situation, another vaccine developer Pfizer has appealed that health authorities must continue to monitor the new mutant virus to create a vaccine that responds.

Experts believe that the vaccine will have a protective effect on the mutant virus reported to date.


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