Model OnlyFans Enraged! Her clothes are called too sexy-told to cover up

Moreton Bay

Bintang OnlyFans named Naomi Tibbles (28) went berserk. The clothes he was wearing were called by the hotel security officers too sexy so they had to be covered up.

At that time, Naomi was on vacation on North Stradbroke Island, an exotic island in the Moreton Bay area, near the city of Brisbane, Australia.

On a hot day, Naomi, who had been walking around, felt thirsty and hot. Naomi also intends to hang out while drinking cold, fresh watermelon juice at a bar owned by the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel.

Naomi was sitting at the bar while waiting for her drink order to come. However, after 20 minutes of sitting and waiting, instead of the drinks coming, the hotel security guard approached Naomi.

The security guard asked Naomi to cover her body. They considered the clothes worn by Naomi inappropriate and too sexy. They described the place as ‘family friendly’ and there were lots of young children, so Naomi was seen as immodestly dressed.

At that time, Naomi was only wearing a bikini top and trousers made of white mesh. When asked by the security guard, does he have other clothes to cover his body? Naomi emphatically said: do not have.

“I said, ‘No. I don’t have any because I’m on the island and right now I’m on the beach,'” Naomi said in a video uploaded to her Tiktok account, as quoted Thursday (16/2/2023).

hot girl OnlyFans it was very surprised, in the hot day and on the beach, he was asked to cover his body wearing a bikini. He was angry and poured his anger on social media.

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“I know they are talking about me, because they keep watching me and communicating by radio. I am very suspicious, who do they think I am? Apparently, they are commenting on what I wear,” said Naomi.

“The security guard said: ‘We have a dress code here and Thong banned here’. I said: ‘Yeah, that’s cool, but I’m sitting at a bar where kids are not allowed here. I only saw 2 small children at the end of the restaurant that I wasn’t even in,” protested Naomi.

Naomi also felt very disgusted, hurt and embarrassed by the behavior of the hotel security guard. Many travelers also defend the sexy models in OnlyFans That. They say, she wears a bikini on the beach, so Naomi is not wrong if she wears a bikini there.

“There’s nothing wrong with what he’s wearing. Look, he’s on the beach, in Australia anyway. What do you expect,” defended one traveler.

“I usually also wear a bikini and drink beer at the bar, after that just go surfing,” replied another traveler.

Until now, the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel has not issued an official statement. Meanwhile, the Tiktok video uploaded by Naomi has gone viral and has been watched by tens of thousands of people.

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