Model Naomi Campbell in a seductive bodysuit raised her leg, frozen in a spectacular pose: “Goes on the attack”

Famous supermodel of the 90s Naomi Campbell in a black bodysuit with a fringed cape showed a toned figure

Naomi Campbell is one of those supermodels who want to keep their triumphant appearances spectacular until the end. Therefore, even at 50, she tries to look as attractive and inaccessible as possible.

Over the years, the star has tried many sports, but in the end settled on two: Pilates and Girotonics. The latter, by the way, is practiced on special simulators, similar to a loom. With the help of cables and various handles, you can perfectly develop muscles and body flexibility.

As you can see in the photo, the star looks really good thanks to this. Wearing a black bodysuit with a fringed cape, she managed to highlight her long legs in the best way. At the same time, Naomi does not like to go on diets, but she resorts to the practice of detox three times a year.

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“Often our pride prevents us from receiving blessings, we do not like being corrected, and we do not like to seem less or less capable than anyone, because we always want to take a place of honor in the minds of people, and this makes us act our own forces, using their own resources, ”- said in the signature.

The beauty also showed a photo where she posed in a large outfit, which she opened in front of the camera. And you can immediately notice that the model did not cover the bust in any way and it is easy to see it. Campbell appeared among the trees in nature, admiring the elegant beauty.

“Gorgeous”, “Such a beautiful little sister”, “Happy Easter, Naomi”, “You are amazing, at the top of the top”, “Magic, goes on the attack”, “beautiful picture, these photos that you take in Africa are a great success the whole team, happy Easter “,” even 20-year-olds will envy. “

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