Model cursed for her sexy looks at the World Cup in Qatar, says she’s not afraid of being arrested


A model and former beauty queen from Croatia made a scene about her dress when she watched the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The woman named Ivana Knoll wore a sexy, skin-tight dress that showed off her cleavage. She even dared to pose in a bathing suit on the street.

Ivana Knoll has received much criticism for her style in watching her country’s national team compete in their first World Cup. On her Instagram account, she Ivana shares photos of her in a risky red-and-white checkered top. Qatar and FIFA itself have asked the public to dress modestly even if they are not required to wear headscarves.

Ivana’s style was also deemed inappropriate and she said she could be arrested if the Qatari authorities caught her. “You are embarrassing, you respect other cultures”, “Very disrespectful towards Qatari culture”, “Hi, Qatar Police”, “You are living life with danger”, “You don’t respect yourself and it seems so cheap “, wrote the counter netizens.

Ivana Knoll Photo: Instagram @knolldoll

Even so, it seems Ivana Knoll hasn’t given up or been afraid. In her latest post, the 26-year-old woman who was once Miss Croatia admits that her clothes don’t hurt people. “And I thought how can my dress or my bikini hurt people? Please explain to me,” she said on Instagram.

Regarding the controversy over her way of watching the 2022 World Cup, Ivana explained that she is unaware of the dress code in Qatar. But she doesn’t even intend to change her appearance to respect the rules of the Islamic country.


“At first I thought that the World Cup is held there, of course they will allow us all the things that all fans feel comfortable with without any restrictions. Then I heard the rules and I was shocked. The dress code prohibits shoulders , knees, stomach and everything and I don’t even have the clothes to cover it all,” said Ivana.

“I’m so angry because I’m not a Muslim and if we in Europe respect hijab and niqab, I think they should respect our way of life, our religion, and in the end I wear clothes, bikinis because I’m Catholic from Croatia here for World Cup,” he added.

Ivana admitted she was surprised but had no problem wearing sexy clothes there. She also said that many people from Qatar came to him and asked to take pictures with him. When asked if Ivana wasn’t afraid of being arrested for her style, she said, “I’ve never been afraid of anything like that.”


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