Model Bra Podzimkov and parliamentarian Albert ern got married


Alberto Erna a Barbora Podzimkov they got married on the weekend. The musician hinted at this in his Instagram Story, when he said he had a new dress for the wedding, and on Saturday afternoon he showed how to load a hundred trinkets for guests in the delivery room.

The model and the musician talked about the wedding the day before lunch at the Tereza Maxov event Teriorso, where they once met. Today we travel five kilometers. I have a wedding on Saturday, so this week has been pretty hectic and I don’t know if we’ll make it to the end, Podzimkov said in an interview for Bara and I met here seven years ago, actually it was the first year, added black.

Exclusive interview

You can find Albert Ernho and Barbora Podzimkov not only about their wedding in the new Harpers Bazaar magazine, which will be published on January 13.

The couple got engaged last year in Costa Rica. Band member Lake Malawi then announced the news with a song called Vezme si me ?, which he posted on social media.

Playa Blanca is one of the most beautiful beaches around Jaco. We left the hotel in the morning and an incredibly colorful parrot and toucans were flying overhead. Then the summer began. I sneaked a box of peppers with a ring into my swimsuit pocket, which I first put in a zippered pocket. We sat on the beach for a while in our warm raincoat, and then we thought about going for a swim. Then I took Bru for a run, tied her eyes and dragged her back into the water to surf, and described the details of her engagement to my followers.

Suddenly it rained, the sun came out, Bra took off her shirt, dug a laminated rune in the surf and wrote the message Will You Marry Me? I also pulled a box full of mixed peppers with a ring out of my pocket. It was one of the best moments of my life. she said yes! added the musician.

Template Barbora Podzimkov has been engaged in seductive swimming since childhood. That was the end of his career as he won the prestigious Elite Model Look competition in the world of modeling in 2014 at the age of fifteen.

Singer and guitarist Albert Ern was the leader and frontman of the group Charlie Straight (2006-2013), now psob in groups Lake Malawi. With it, he scored with the jury as top scorer also in the final of the music competition Eurovision 2019. Viewers can recognize the musician of the show I know your television voice.


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