Mobilizations against the anticovid vaccination pass in several cities in France

Several cities in France were the scene this Sunday of demonstrations, mostly a few hundred people, against the anticovid vaccination passport that comes into force on Monday in the country.

In Paris, after a morning protest by the yellow vests movement —born at the end of 2018—, the far-right formation Los Patriotas mobilized opponents of the compulsory vaccination pass, which, according to them, will imply an “apartheid” regime. between people vaccinated and not vaccinated against covid-19.

The protesters, most of them without masks, carried banners with slogans such as “Freedom”, “Truth” or “No to apartheid”, as well as French flags, an AFP journalist confirmed.

Sophie, a 44-year-old lawyer, and Franck, a 56-year-old computer consultant, explained to AFP that they had both been vaccinated but had not wanted to vaccinate their daughter, because they oppose immunization against covid in children and adolescents. .

Sophie lamented that “just when the virus is less virulent, the vaccination pass is launched, despite the fact that one could bet on natural collective immunity.”

Protests were also held in other cities, such as in the southern towns of Aix en Provence (700 attendees, according to the police), Montpellier (950), Marseille (1,200) or Bordeaux (450). In Lille (north) 300 people demonstrated, according to the police, and in Strasbourg (east), 600.

As of Monday, those over 16 years of age must justify that they have the complete vaccination schedule against covid-19 to be able to enter restaurants, bars, fairs and other leisure centers or to use interregional public transport. Until now, the unvaccinated could present a recent negative test for covid-19, but this will only serve as of Monday to access health establishments.

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In France, more than 75% of the population is fully vaccinated.

With base in AFP

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