MobileTrans – How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone Easily

We live in a world where technology is constantly changing. This development is even more frequent when it comes to smartphones. It’s amazing how smartphones have evolved in recent years. It is natural for some users to want to follow these developments by acquiring new devices from time to time. There are a myriad of Android smartphones from different brands, and on the other side we have Apple with its range of iPhones. Apple has constantly tried to win over more users for its iPhone line, and we have to say that in recent years it has been successful. Of course, the user base on Android will always be bigger thanks to the multitude of brands and smartphones with various price differences, but Apple has a solid base of loyal fans. If you’ve recently moved from your Android smartphone to an iPhone, you have to adapt and, of course, you’ll want to move your data to the new device!

You can sync your information through different accounts, but it’s always good to have the convenience of an app that can do the trick, especially when it comes to WhatsApp. The messenger is an essential part of the life of several users. Therefore, when switching from Android to iPhone, it is important to move data, chat history and other things to the new iPhone. Through this article, we are going to introduce you a very good solution via the Wondershare MobileTrans application. With just a few clicks, you can easily transfer whatsapp from android to iphone without too much difficulty. You can also make backups and restore lost files.

Why should I move my WhatsApp history or make a backup?

WhatsApp is currently one of the largest and most relevant messaging apps in the world. Therefore, it is important to keep your chats, documents, and attachments saved in the app.


You will need to transfer your files safely and efficiently. Therefore, if by any chance your device gets corrupted, you can be saved from a lot of troubles.

Understand the process with MobileTrans

To transfer your WhatsApp messages from one device with Android to another running iOS, you will need to use MobileTrans – Transfert WhatsApp. The application allows the user to manage and forward WhatsApp messages. Transferring your WhatsApp history and chats, as well as backups, is done from a PC or Mac. Moreover, it is possible to restore a WhatsApp backup directly from your device. Therefore, transferring WhatsApp to iPhone is a quick and easy process via MobileTrans. You won’t have to worry about compatibility between devices.


All you have to do is download MobileTrans, open the start menu and select the “WhatsApp Transfer” option from the various features available in the application. The next step is to connect the two devices, your old Android phone and your new iPhone, and select via the app which device will receive the files. After that, you just need to select “Transfer WhatsApp messages”. The software will recognize each device, and after that you just need to select “Start” to begin the transfer. Let’s clarify the process through the easy to follow steps below.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone?

As mentioned above, you just need to download and install Wondershare MobileTrans. The process is simple and quick. After that, check the steps below:

Transfer your files to iPhone 11, 12 and 13

  • Connect your old Android smartphone and iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Install and launch MobileTrans. The app is available for Windows and Mac. After that, select “WhatsApp Transfer” from the provided options. (Interestingly, the app also supports WhatsApp Business and the unofficial GBWhatsApp port).


  • The app will soon detect the device you have and the new one. The device will also automatically mark the device as a source or as a destination. Of course, you can easily change the options via the Flip button.

WhatsApp Mobile TransWhatsApp Mobile Trans

  • You just need to click on the “Start” button and the WhatsApp transfer will begin. It is also possible to keep existing data on the destination device if there is any.
  • After starting the process, wait a few minutes and you’re done!

Whatsapp Whatsapp

The app will do the trick and prompt you with a final message. After that, your newly acquired iPhone will automatically detect the newly transferred data. It will allow you to easily restore those data to your iOS device.

As we said before, it is a simple process that will save you a lot of trouble and time.

Conclusion – Is MobileTrans Worth It?

MobileTrans is a complete solution to manage your WhatsApp data and transfer it to a new device. It’s great because it can easily move files from Android to iOS without any loss. You can also make quick backups to be prepared for possible losses. As mentioned above, the app supports Business, GBWhatsApp, and other messaging apps like Viber, Line, and WeChat.

We can only recommend MobileTrans if you need a quick solution to transfer your WhatsApp data to your iPhone. It’s safe and lightweight.

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