Mobile voice interference may occur due to technical reasons

Due to technical reasons, some of the customers of mobile operators may have voice communication interruptions – the call connection is lost, the representatives of mobile operators confirmed.

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One of the causes of voice interference for a small percentage of mobile customers is due to the 2G network technology manufacturer ‘Nokia“software said”Tele2Oskars Fīrmanis, Head of Public Relations. 1% of customers, as most voice calls are made on the 3G network, while mobile data consumption for several years is mainly on the 4G network.

Fīrmanis explained that the disruptions in the 2G network are related to the network software of the Finnish technology manufacturer Nokia, and they are working with the mobile technology manufacturer Nokia to eliminate them.

“Latvian mobile telephone” (LMT) Valdis Jalinskis, Head of Public Relations, said that LMT’s voice network was stable, with no comprehensive or local problems. He noted that only a few customers have approached the company with questions about the reasons for such a communication failure – the call connection is lost.

Jalinskis pointed out that LMT has performed a network check on such complaints each time, but has not identified any disturbances in the equipment that ensured the operation of the network. Voice communication problems could be related to the specific interference of certain phone models on mobile networks around the world. LMT has contacted these manufacturers and according to the information provided by them, the reasons for the malfunction have been identified and future updates to the telephone software will be eliminated.

It has already been reported that Tele2 had a turnover of 136.669 million euros last year, which is 4% more than a year earlier, but the company’s profit increased by 2% to 31.519 million euros. The company was registered in November 1995 and has a share capital of 3.486 million euros. The sole owner of Tele2 is the Swedish Tele2 Sverige Aktiebolag

Last year, LMT had a turnover of 186.099 million euros, which is 6.4% more than a year earlier, but the company’s profit increased by 9.3% and amounted to 30.566 million euros. LMT was registered in January 1992 and its share capital is 817,000 euros. Sonera Holding and Telia Company own 24.5% of the company’s capital, Tet and the Latvian State Radio and Television Center own 23% of the shares, and Possessor SIA publishes 5% of the shares.

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