Mobile Legends Game Has The Number One Power Hero That Is Exciting

The Mobile Legends game is a game that you can play using an Android or iOS smartphone. Games it has a play time duration of 15 minutes. Even from the first time his presence has been able to fascinate gamers and also steal his attention. Moonton is a developer who has contributed to the success of this game.

You can play solo, duo, or square. That way, of course, it will be more exciting and also fun. Later players will also control a hero. In one game round, you can only use one hero.

The strongest hero in the Mobile Legends game that you can get

Hero is a unique character that you can only play once per game round. To be able to get it, you have to do a Diamond Top Up or use a ticket or Battle Point.

For you fans, of course, you are familiar with the heroes in this Mobile Legends game. Each hero already has 4 skills with 1 passive and 3 active. Hero itself is also divided into two, namely Melee and Ranged. Melee has a shorter range than Ranged.

Character Karina (Assassin)

As a hero in the Mobile Legends game, Karina is a deadly female hero. Previously, Karina was a Mage hero and also an Assassin, but it depends on the build used.

If you are able to use the right build, then Karina can become a mainstay hero who can win the match. You will get tremendous power. If you use Combo skills with the right build, then you will become a mainstay and invincible hero. It can even overwhelm the enemy.

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Selena’s character

Selena is one of the strongest heroes in the Mobile Legends game who has Crowd Control and adequate mobility. Actually, Selena is included in the Assassin and Mage heroes, but players often use them as support.

Because he has a passive skill, he is able to provide additional damage to the enemy, but his combo skill is able to fight two enemies at once. Not only that, but also has seven different skills. He is also a character who has the longest stun duration.

Character Tank Franko

As a super hero tank in this Mobile Legends game, Franco is a dangerous character. The skills he has can make the enemy a hassle. Even though its presence from early to late, always attracts attention and is also on the lookout for enemies.

Various Roles

Do you know what a role is? Role is a division of tasks in the Mobile Legends game. Usually, the role is made with the aim of maintaining synergy and cohesiveness between teams. This division of duties, in fact, is also divided into three, namely.

Carry Role is the division of the main damage tasks during war. This carry requires farm intensity and also a high level to reach its potential. Meanwhile, Tank Role has the task of receiving damage during war. The tank itself has a good HP base and armor so that it will make them be defeated easily.

Then there is the Support Role who has the task of helping the Carry hero to get the farm and also fight the gang of the opposing team. In fact, this role does not require a farm and a level. So you can use it freely.

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Game Mode From Moonton

As a player, you can choose to use these three types of games, namely Classic which is a general mode. You can fight against players without any level categorization.

While ranked mode play based on the medal level of the players. Then there is Brawl which is a more focused mode for intense battles between teams. Later players can also meet directly on a lane.

For millennial children, don’t miss the excitement of this Mobile Legends game, there is even a redeem code.

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