(Mobile Legends) 7 Meta Heroes That Can Be Game Changers in the Late Game

The Mobile Legends heroes included in this list are non-Marksman heroes who can be game changers in the late game due to high scaling.

Since release patch 1.6.18, Mobile Legends experiencing changes meta and game strategy in the amateur or professional scene. Now, the game feels like it’s taking longer than usual to finish. Moreover, now almost all of the Marskman Heroes can be buff so that role This is so options for position goldlaner.

Reflecting on these conditions, Heroes meta strong in the fight in phase late game to be coveted at this time. Besides having scaling good enough strength, these heroes also have good enough potential to “carry” the team to victory.

For that, KINCIR will discuss Heroes meta which could be “insurance” in late game. It should be noted, Hero Marksman will not be included in list this. The heroes on this list are non-Marksman Heroes who could be game changer from late game because have scaling which good in terms of damage nor durability.

Strong Hero Meta Mobile Legends in Late Game

1. Phoveus

Phoveus Mobile Legends.


Phoveus is a Hero meta equipped with excellent combat performance. Since its release, Phoveus has become a Hero anti-meta capable of fighting the Heroes meta, like Benedetta or Ling. Armed with skill ultimate – Demonic Force, Phoveus can fight very aggressively and is quite difficult to stop.

In the current meta, Phoveus is one of the most feared heroes because it has the ability scaling which is quite good. In addition to being effective in the phase mid-game, Phoveus is also reliable until phase late-game though.

In fact, Phoveus can fight as strong as Fighter Heroes or Marksman who are quite strong in this phase late-game. All blessings damage which is quite painful as well shield a thick blessing skill 1.



As a Mage-Tank, Alice is the best Hero in her class. Apart from having the ability durability high, Alice is also equipped with abilities crowd control and Magic Damage is quite high.

With change meta Currently, Alice is still showing excellent potential and battle performance for now.

As a Hero meta, Alice is a Hero who is able to fight very well in phase late game. Depend on scaling high, Alice can be an annoying front-line fighter. No wonder Alice could be game changer to help his team win.

3. Kagura

Kagura Mobile Legends.

Kagura Mobile Legends.



Kagura is one of the Mage who gets a change of inner strength patch latest. As midlaner, Kagura is equipped with the ability Burst Damage and mobility is quite good.

If able to maintain the right position and attack pattern, Kagura can produce damage quite large and consistent, especially in late game. No wonder, if Kagura is considered to have quite good potential in patch at the moment.

Enter late game, Kagura is not a typical Hero who relies on attacks to contribute to team fights. Because, Kagura will depend on the momentum of use later skill.

If the combination skill hers is used in the right momentum, Kagura can give setup very good in phase late game. He could be counter bagi Hero-Hero late game thin like Marksman or Assassin.

4. Aulus

The most powerful jungler hero currently according to Lemon.

The most powerful jungler hero currently according to Lemon. Via

Since its release, Aulus has not shown much potential. Even though it has potential as jungler good, Aulus is considered to still have a less stable performance in some battles.

However, the assessment has changed totally since attendance patch 1.6.18. Since patch that last, Aulus is now one of the Heroes jungler what to watch out for.

As jungler, Aulus is one of the Heroes with scaling quite high strength. If you have momentum snow-balling right, Aulus will be very difficult to block in the phase late game.

Armed with a combination of DPS, durability, and mobility which is quite high, Aulus can fight both barbarically and effectively to help his team secure victory over the 15th minute.


Pharsa is one of the High Ground Heroes which is supplied with high Burst Damage. Thanks skill ultimate – Feathered Air Strike, Pharsa can give high Magical Damage to enemy Heroes at a considerable distance.

Not only that, Pharsa is also able to clean up wave-minion to push or defend turret. Usually, Pharsa becomes a mainstay when the game has entered the game late game when the team is defense or zoning enemy in high ground.

In phase late game, Pharsa did show a decline in strength. However, this decrease is less significant, because his Burst Damage achievement is still relatively high overall.

If he doesn’t get caught by the enemy, Pharsa can be the best “defender” or a deadly attacker from the back line. No wonder, if Pharsa is guaranteed to still be able to produce damage high to enemy Hero in phase late game though.

6. Ruby

Ruby Mobile Legends.

Ruby Mobile Legends.


Ruby is one of the choices of Hero who is strong enough for battle late game. Relying on Lifesteal, Ruby will have durability which is very high in phase late game.

Despite being hit by attacks, Ruby can survive in the middle of a fight quite easily. The enemy team is guaranteed to need enormous momentum and damage to finish off Ruby in phase late game.

As a front line fighter, Ruby is also equipped with abilities crowd control (CC) good thanks skill ultimate – I’m Offended !. Entering late game, Ruby can create good attack momentum thanks to her CC ability.

In fact, not infrequently, Ruby can lock two or more enemy Heroes in one attraction skill ultimate. By relying on Ruby, you are guaranteed to have a greater chance of securing victory.

7. Lapu-Lapu


Lapu-Lapu is one of the fighters that has proven to be very strong. In the competitive scene, Lapu-Lapu often creates attack momentum. He can change the tempo of the game very quickly.

Depend on skill ultimate – Bravest Fighter dan skill – Land Shaker, Lapu-Lapu able to kick and lock enemy Heroes very quickly. Especially in mid until late game moment item It is finished. He can be a annoying Hero initiator because it’s hard to beat.

In the fight late game, Lapu-Lapu became a Hero who no longer needs to be doubted. With scaling good enough, Lapu-Lapu will have a balance of power in terms of offensive or durability.


In addition to some of the heroes above, Mobile Legends also have a choice of Hero meta others who are effective enough to win in the phase late game, namely Paquito. However, KINCIR deliberately did not include it, because Paquito is considered a Hero OP who quite often enters the ranks of Hero bans.

Remember, the Heroes above only have a chance to help achieve victory, but it’s not a 100% surety guarantee of winning

What do you think about the line of Heroes meta who has great potential to win during the late-game phase above? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, keep up with the latest information about Mobile Legends only at KINCIR, OK!

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