MMORPG mobile game “Wheel of Fortune” pre-login hotly in progress to reveal the basic occupation features of the game-Technology-Technology

The classic Q cute Japanese and Korean JRPG-MMO mobile game “Wheel of Destiny”, which is represented by Cube Digital Information, is in hot pre-registration, and has attracted more than 250,000 players to participate enthusiastically. Game features such as warriors help players understand “Wheel of Fortune” more deeply.

Strong and powerful comrade “Priest”

The pastor has been baptized by the church since he was young, bathed in the light of the goddess of wind, and is the most devout believer and the most loyal guardian. Hundreds of years ago, when the continent of Sandra fell, the priest used his own healing power to allow the kingdom to preserve the last bloodline, which continues to this day. The priest can use the sacred power to restore the physical strength of himself and his teammates, and he can also relieve the abnormal state. At the same time, it can also use the powerful power of the Holy Light to control the enemy team and create attack opportunities for comrades.


“Mage” is proficient in various spells

Magic was originally an ability that only gods could use. Thousands of years ago, the goddess of wind in charge of the mainland opened the gate of the starry sky and imparted magic to the people of Sandra, and the mage was born. With the blessing of the Star Gate, the mage was able to learn that ordinary people could not understand the knowledge and was the closest human being to the truth of everything. The mage is proficient in arcane and elemental magic, and uses magnificent techniques to rain rain of destruction on the enemy. At the same time, it can also improve the state of oneself and companions and magic defense by casting auxiliary magic.

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A berserker with superior swordsmanship

The monsters located in Sandra Continent, ordinary swords cannot cause damage, only the ancient dragon Yanhua can be used as a sharp sword to destroy the monsters in one fell swoop. However, the power of dragon flames can only be controlled by those who inherit the blood of the dragon. Among the thousands of adventurers, only a few qualified individuals with blood can become sword-wielding people, and that is the “Berger”. The berserkers are good at close combat and weapon stunts, and can be invincible among the enemy groups. Wearing armor made of dragon scales, no amount of attack can cause damage.

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For more game-related information and the latest activities, please follow the official fan group of “Wheel of Fortune” and get first-hand information at any time.




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