MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass is MLB’s decision. Sony had nothing to say

MLB bosses want to expand their brand and provide it with the greatest possible publicity. It is for this reason that it was decided to throw MLB The Show 21 on new platforms, and in addition, the game will be available in Xbox Game Pass from the day of its premiere. Sony representatives could not do anything in this situation.

Last week Microsoft surprised us by announcing the delivery of the latest version of MLB The Show to Xbox Game Pass. As you know, Sony’s in-house studio is responsible for the production, but last year the Japanese confirmed that the game will also be available on “other platforms”. The PlayStation producer didn’t really have a choice – if he wanted to further develop the items in this series, he had to agree to offer a new version.

The situation was the same when adding the game to Xbox Game Pass. Inverse editors received a comment from a PlayStation employee i it was MLB that started cooperation with Microsoft – Sony was not involved in the talks.

“As one of the goals for this year’s game, MLB has decided to bring the franchise closer to more players and baseball fans. This decision creates a unique opportunity to further establish MLB The Show as the main brand for baseball video games, “said Sony employee.

There have been comments on the web that it is a very good “Sony decision” to provide additional players with access to MLB The Show 21, but MLB has planned everything, which wants to expand the audience of the latest item.

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George Jijiashvili, an analyst at Omdia Principal, emphasizes that Microsoft’s move is a “conscious decision” to “put a stick in an anthill.” In his opinion, this contract shows how great an offer is offered by Xbox Game Pass, because players get access to a variety of titles and interested parties can even count on items on the premiere days.


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