MLB Jameson Taillon the new pitcher of the New York Yankees had cancer

The New York Yankees they responded to their fans and brought in two new members for the starting rotation. One of them was Jameson Taillon, who packed suitcases, ready the glove and did not forget to bring resilience because the pitcher reaches the ‘Bronx Bombers’ with a life story worthy of admiration.

Taillon comes from the Pittsburgh Pirates where he shared a team with Gerrit Cole, one of his great friends. Jameson amazed the Yankees’ star pitcher with fastball precision, an admirable curveball and, most importantly, a unique resilience in the game. MLB.

In minor leagues, Jameson had Tommy John’s first surgery, then he was found to have testicular cancer And, as if that were not enough, in 2019 they had to intervene again with the operation that MLB pitchers do not want. However, Taillon never fainted and Cole himself witnessed this.

“I told them (the Yankees), if they’re going to bet on someone, If they’re going to fight someone, Jameson is the guy they want by their side. He is not taken aback. He always improves the people around him. He is one of the most resistant people I have ever met “Cole stated.

Cole and Taillon, two old acquaintances in MLB who meet in New York Yankees

Jameson Taillon and Gerrit Cole are two old acquaintances who managed to pitch under .500 for the Pirates from 2016 to 2017 and now meet again with the New York Yankees to shape a starting rotation that hasn’t won a World Series since the 2009 season.

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