Miyabi’s plan to go to Jakarta was canceled after controversy arose


Former Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa or Miyabi canceled coming to Indonesia for a gala dinner in Jakarta. Miyabi’s plan to meet fans was canceled after controversy arose.

Miyabi plans to hold a gala dinner at a hotel in Jakarta. But canceled because it sparked controversy.

Miyabi also uploaded a flyer for the gala dinner. But the flyer was deleted.

Miyabi’s Gala Dinner is planned to be held on June 5, 2022 for 50 fans. Those who want to join the gala dinner must pay 15 million.

Against Mujahid 212

Damai Hari Lubis, who is on behalf of legal and political observer Mujahid 212, had asked the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan to refuse Miyabi’s arrival. He suspected that Miyabi’s arrival to Jakarta was a trap for Anies.

“Perhaps the Miyabi issue came to entertain Jakarta residents for political purposes, destroying Anies’ good name at the end of his performance,” said Damai, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

“Anies should ideally not give an organizing permit. Because it could be an entertainment event that will present this pornographic character, it is non-political, but it can be a place for Batman to trap Anies. A character who is widely referred to as a presidential candidate for 2024,” he continued.

Damai said that many residents of Jakarta and its surroundings rejected Miyabi’s presence. According to him, this could disrupt security conditions in Jakarta.

He also asked the event committee to cancel the event that invited Miyabi in Jakarta.

“It’s better if the organizing committee cancels events that are not useful, it can be predicted that it will ‘tend’ to harm, so ideally Anies is as firm as he has been, summoned the organizers, conveyed a written ban on the Miyabi event,” he said.

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DKI Provincial Government Has Not Received Activity Permits

The DKI Jakarta Disparekraf also stated that it had not received any requests for any Miyabi events in Jakarta. Head of the Supervision and Control Section of the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Office, Iffan, said that even if Miyabi still submitted a request for the event, his party would still evaluate the request.

“Then related to Miyabi’s arrival, in principle there is a KPHAD team, the Regional Artist Entertainment Assessment Committee, so the committee consists of the prosecutor’s office, the law firm, the Satpol, that will judge the artist, for example doing any activity in Jakarta, we will assess, including the reasons, suitability and everything. So we can’t assess it yet, because we haven’t received anything for that application,” he said.

Iffan monitored the flyers circulating on social media regarding Miyabi’s planned activities. He emphasized that there had been no application for a permit for Miyabi’s activities.

“Not including any requests to us, not yet, not yet officially so,” he added.

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