Mixing Opium Powder in His Cooking to Get Addicted, Restaurant Owner Arrested by Police

Officers from the Lunan Police checked a food stall that mixed opium powder into its food to make it addictive. (Source: Haizhou Lianyungang Police Department Via Oddity Central)

JIANGSU, KOMPAS.TV – A food stall owner in China has been arrested after adding opium powder to his food with the aim of making customers addicted.

The incident occurred in late August in Liangyungang Hazihou, Jiangsu Province, China.

At that time, the Lunan Police Station received information that a noodle shop was using banned substances to make their food tastier and addictive.

The whistleblower, who has not been named, reported the shop after watching a public safety warning video about a businessman mixing his food with opium powder to cause addiction.

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Quoted from Oddity Central, the complainant claimed to be suspicious of the food stall because he felt addicted to their food.

After the police conducted an investigation, it was found that the restaurant was indeed using opium powder to increase their business.

The complainant did bring a sample of the delicious food to the police for examination.

After the test, the food was found to contain papaverine, narcotics and unusual substances at high levels.

The Lunan Police in collaboration with the Food and Drug Investigation Brigade conducted a full search of the food stall.



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