Mixed reality training for nurses Máxima MC

A nurse who is mixed reality training start, the glasses equipped with HoloPatient software must be put on with an empty hospital bed. Then he or she sees the glasses project a virtual corona patient onto the bed. The Máxima MC has entered into a partnership with ASML in the development of this realistic scenario training.

The scenario training is used within the training program that has been set up to prepare nurses safely and effectively for the treatment of corona patients. “For example, we learn to recognize common symptoms of the virus, assess patients and identify signs that may indicate deterioration,” says nurse Vivian Markgraaff.

Mixed reality training met HoloLens 2

The mixed reality glasses used for the training, the HoloLens 2 from Microsoft. Mixed reality (MR) differs from virtual reality (VR) in one essential respect. With VR you are literally completely in a virtual world or situation where you no longer have a view of the actual environment. In MR a virtual ‘layer’ is projected over reality. As a user, in this case the nurses who are being trained, you can move freely through real reality while adding certain situations or images that can be used to explain or show something.

In the scenario training of the MMC, the HoloLens 2 projects 3D holograms (objects) on and around the hospital bed. This makes it seem as if there is really a patient in the bed. “This ensures a realistic learning situation. The closer the learning situation gets to the real work situation, the better you can remember it and put it into practice ”, says Vanessa Vrijk-van Mil, training advisor at MMC.

The MR training starts with the arrival of a patient with (corona) complaints. In hospital the complaints increase and he has to be admitted. Eventually he ends up in the ICU. The nurses are trained in the treatment of corona patients on the basis of this realistic, but virtual, situation. During this training, various values ​​are shown on the screen, such as the oxygen content, temperature, blood pressure and heart rate.

The MR training is currently being used as a pilot during training for nurses within the MMC Academy. The first experiences of students are very positive. So far, 16 nurses have rated the scenario training with an average of 8.3. They also indicate that the training has a lot of added value for them.

The scenario training is used within the training program that has been set up to prepare nurses safely and effectively for the treatment of corona patients. (photo: MMC)

ASML as inspiration and partner

The MMC got the idea for the MR training based on the experiences of ‘neighbor’ ASML. There, the HoloLens 2 is used to support ASML engineers from a great distance in their work on the machines at customers in the US and Asia. ASML also helped the MMC with the hardware – such as stewling the HoloLens 2 – and developing the technology.

The MNMC Academy also wants to use MR training in the future to provide remote education about other situations such as a heart attack, stroke or broken hip. “This way of learning is the future. The technology makes it possible to learn wherever and whenever you want. At the moment we can already train 16 syndromes with this HoloPatient software from GIGXR. Even more is possible in the future. Think of training situations that almost never occur in your own hospital without having to travel to another hospital, interactive training or training complex situations in teams with both doctors and nurses, ”says Nicole Papen-Botterhuis, coordinator research & innovation at MMC.

The Hololens 2 and mixed reality are not completely new techniques for healthcare. in 2019 demonstrated Philips and Microsoft a mixed reality concept for surgery. Live images and other sources of vital data were projected using the HoloLens 2.

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