Mitsubishi challenges Toyota and Mazda with one of the most beautiful SUVs

Mitsubishi decided this year to modify the Eclipse Cross to obtain a design and specifications that make it the most prominent competitor to the C-HR and CX-30 vehicles produced by Toyota and Mazda.

The new car was developed according to the Dynamic Shield design, which gave it the greatest aerodynamics and clear attacking contours, embodied by the prominent front grille, narrow lights equipped with LED technologies, large air intakes, and the strange design of the taillights and fog lights.

The cabin of this vehicle came with comfortable leather seats dedicated to 5 passengers, its positions and temperature can be controlled via advanced electronic systems, and the car also got a new design for the steering wheel and transmission, and a distinctive steering interface supported by a modern multimedia system based on an 8-inch touch screen that can connect wirelessly With smart phones and devices.

Eclipse Cross has many useful and practical features and technologies such as cruise control and anti-slip systems on slopes and bends, systems to measure air pressure in the wheels and systems to verify the technical condition of the engine and the main parts and display them to the driver, in addition to light and rain sensors, cameras and front distance sensors Rear, engine start and seat heating features remotely.

Technically, this car depends on several types of engines, turbocharged petrol engines with a capacity of 1.5 liters and torque of 150 and 163 horsepower, and turbocharged engines with a capacity of 2.2 liters, and versions of economic hybrid engines will be available in a limited number of countries of the world only.

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