MIT Poso Terrorist Body Decomposed, Police Difficult to Identify

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The DVI team and the Central Sulawesi Police Inafis had difficulty identifying the two bodies of the East Indonesia Mujahideen terrorists (WITH) who was shot dead by the police on Sunday (11/7) because it was rotting.

“(The team) has made maximum efforts to find out the identities of the two bodies. Because the condition of the bodies has decomposed, so it is difficult to identify them,” said Deputy Chief of Public Relations for Operations of Madago Raya, AKBP Bronto Budiyono, to reporters, Wednesday (14/7).

The two bodies were evacuated on the fourth day of the surgical removal. The body fell into a 50-meter deep ravine in the Tokasa Mountains, Tanalanto Village, South Parigi, Parimo, Central Sulawesi.

Bronto said that his party had succeeded in taking fingerprints as evidence in the investigation process.

However, he said, supporting evidence is still needed in the form of DNA test results from the family to identify the body.

“So it is hoped that there will be cooperation from the families of the two bodies so that DNA samples can be taken immediately to speed up identification,” he said.

According to Bronto, the body will soon be buried according to Islamic law using the identity as Mr X because the body has not been identified.

The process of evacuating the body itself is quite difficult. TNI troops in the field changed the evacuation plan, which was originally by air, to use a raft to go along the river.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

Koopsgabsus TNI deployed two Tricakti Teams and 1 Chandraca Team, since Sunday (11/7) to evacuate the two bodies.

Based on information in the field on the first day, the evacuation team could only move about 600 meters from the scene to the emergency landing zone pick-up point that had been prepared.

On the second day, the evacuation effort was resumed after being hampered by heavy rain and no roads, so they had to pioneer a new route out of the scene.

Then on the third day, the evacuation team almost managed to lift the bodies using the Indonesian Air Force’s Caracal Heli, but because the narrow terrain and dense forest made it difficult to maneuver the helicopters to hover safely.




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