Misunderstood as’garbage’ of 300 million dollars… ‘Lost’ after leaving the house

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There was a case where hundreds of millions of dollars worth of dollars were misunderstood as trash and were put outside the house and lost.

According to the police on the 28th, A resident of Jangwi-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul reported to the Jongam Police Station in Seoul that he had lost a large amount of money the day before.

The money that Mr. A lost is about 280,000 US dollars (equivalent to 310 million won). Mr. A’s mother, who was organizing the movers, put out a plastic bag with money in a place where garbage was collected outside the house on the 23rd to 24th. The bag of money was mistaken for garbage.

However, it is reported that A’s mother, who has symptoms of dementia, cannot accurately specify the date the plastic bag was discarded.

A few days later, Mr. A learned this and looked for money and envelopes, but all disappeared.

The police began an investigation, including checking the scene, but could not find the whereabouts of the money. A police official said, “The date of the loss is not specified and it is difficult to find it because it is a redevelopment area.”

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