‘Mistresses’ Dr. Dre must testify in divorce proceedings

Young wants to know from the ladies whether they have received expensive gifts from the rapper, which would have been paid from their joint account. She claims that Dre showered the three women with expensive gifts. One of them would have bought a house worth more than two million dollars in 2019 without a mortgage. Young wants the woman to declare under oath whether or not she got that accommodation from the music producer, who is actually called Andre Young.

Andre and Nicole announced last spring that they are going to divorce after 24 years of marriage. With his music career and electronics brand Beats By Dr. Dre has built up a fortune of about $ 820 million. Nicole would demand half of that. Until the divorce is finalized, Dr. Dre for the maintenance of his ex and her mother. plus nearly three tons a month in alimony. She wanted to increase that to two million a month, but the musician has refused. Earlier this year, he did promise her a one-off extra of $ 2 million.

The lawyer of the three ‘mistresses’ had previously refused to allow them to testify, because they have no knowledge of the prenuptial agreement that the lawsuit is about. The judge ruled that they may have relevant information about Dr. Dre. Nicole Young’s legal team is therefore only allowed to ask them questions about that in the lawsuit. It is not yet known when it will start.

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