MISTERFLY refuses reimbursement despite Total Flex insurance – Air transport forum

A EVITER !!!!!

We have booked 2 airline tickets for Air France on the Misterfly website. Following an unforeseen event, we have changed the departure dates directly on the AIR website. Again because of a new unforeseen event, we had to cancel one of the tickets. We contact customer service who tells us that we will not have any refund even though we have paid the total FLEX insurance. The reason given is that the modification was not notified to them by the airline. So they consider the ticket with its original date. THEREFORE WE WILL HAVE TO PAY 1300 EURO FOR NOTHING. This online agency does not even respect the contracts that it makes the client subscribe to. We thought we were covered with CANCELLATION INSURANCE, the general conditions of which did not in any way require changes to be made on the MisterFly site to be guaranteed. TO AVOID STRONGLY !!!!


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