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Mistakes in the Prayer Movement at PA 212 Action Make Buya Fikri Say Sorry


An apology was conveyed by a participant in the 212 Alumni Brotherhood (PA) action named Fikri Bareno or Buya Idea after a video related to his wrong prayer movement went viral on social media. Buya Idea admitted wrongdoing and had repeated his prayers in the Istiqlal Mosque.

Viral on Social Media

View detik.com from the viral video on social media, it looks like a man who turns out to be Buya Idea praying from the command car. Buya Fikri was seen wearing a white turban and green clothes.

Buya Fikri bowed twice before prostrating. It then became the spotlight.

Buya Fikri’s explanation

Buya Idea then provide an explanation of the viral video. Buya Fikri said the video was a recording during the congregational Asr prayers of the participants of the PA 212 action in front of the Ministry of Religion on Friday (4/3).

“During the Asr prayer there was a mistake because I had been standing for three hours watching the action, I felt very tired,” said Buya Fikri when asked for confirmation, Sunday (6/3/2022).

Buya Fikri said he could not see the priest clearly. He also admitted to repeating prayers at the Istiqlal Mosque.

“For this, I do not prostrate sahwi, but I choose to repeat the Istiqlal prayer after the action,” he said.

He also apologized to the public. Buya Fikri also hopes for God’s forgiveness.

“I have apologized to the public, I have asked God for forgiveness,” he said.

PA response 212

Meanwhile, PA 212 appreciates Buya Fikri’s apology. PA 212 emphasized that Buya Fikri had apologized.

“I know it’s wrong to ask God for forgiveness and apologize to Muslims,” ​​said Ketum PA 212 Slamet Maarif.

The Deputy Secretary General of PA 212 Novel Bamukmin also gave a response. Novel said that at that time Buya Fikri had difficulty hearing the priest’s voice.

“For what happened to Buya Fikri because I appreciate him for being open-minded, admitting mistakes, and asking forgiveness from Allah, and already apologizing. Very different from Yaqut who is arrogant by not apologizing and challenging and allegedly provoking Banser,” he added.


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