Mistake in the “jungle show”: amused viewers suspect fraud

RTL took that Misfortune with humor. When on day nine of the “Jungle Show” some spelling problems were shown by Sam Dylan in a compilation, moderator Daniel Hartwich said on the live broadcast: “We have nerves of making fun of slips of the tongue when we were yesterday first misspelled carousel. “

Zietlow explained the spelling faux pas as follows: “It was a chain of unfortunate coincidences and also an individual’s mistake.” Then she joked: “The employee has of course been transferred long ago.”

Then Zietlow went one better by claiming that said employee had already caused problems last year when he hired GZSZ star Raúl Richter instead of actor Ralf Richter for the jungle camp.

Incidentally, Sam Dylan’s work in the spelling competition paid off. He and Christina Dimitriou advance to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Oliver Sanne. For the former Rosenkavalier, a dream for the “golden ticket” for the 2022 jungle camp in Australia has burst.

“I am a star – the great jungle show”: daily live from Friday, January 15th, 10:15 pm at RTL. Eye-irradiated consequences can occur TVNOW be checked.

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